Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Summary of Frigidaire's Electric Ranges

The Frigidaire electric range stoves are models in a variety of aesthetic styles to suit any kitchen, with various utility traits and cooking advantages held in common. Colors offered consist of classic white, a more industrial steel, and an elegant black. The majority proudly display their coil-based heating methodology as well as self-cleaning abilities. Available prices range from a low four hundred dollars to well over a thousand for the higher-end units, with the middle ground being in the five and six hundred dollar range.

All Frigidaire freestanding electric range stoves are, as the title implies, built as individual units and can be moved in place in a kitchen or other area of the building. Common to all these units are, of course, viewing windows, as well as lower compartments for storage. The aesthetic differences of the exteriors have little influence on price, allowing customers to pick up whatever looks best to them.

While the cheaper models make no boasts of particular advantages besides simply being good at cooking quickly and evenly, the more expensive Frigidaire electric range stoves have more to offer. The high-end models offered by Frigidaire have some very specialized functions, such as button-push settings for items as specific as chicken nuggets or pizza. Complementing this is the offering of complex but versatile rack sets, that allow the user to cook more food with less space. However, the racks may be somewhat hard to get up with for those who get easily annoyed by adjusting such things.

Also very highly noted are several means of warming foods, to keep them at a pleasant temperature while waiting for the time to serve. This is offered in no less than three ways on most higher-end models: as a drawer, a general setting, or a physical region. Also popular is a method of easing convection-based cooking. Finally, the timer is flexible enough that it can be adjusted while active without having to be entirely reset, which can save a great deal of trouble when experimenting with new dishes.

Unfortunately, many of Frigidaire's models are no longer produced. However, the newer models have incorporated all the best attributes from the old, so that today's shoppers can enjoy all the best past features. The only real impact, therefore, is in creating an understandable nostalgia for old, outdated designs.

Autor: Barry Andrews

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Added: January 31, 2010


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