Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Pod Coffee Maker is So Popular

There is no doubt that the current star of the coffee industry belongs to the pod coffee makers. In less than a decade, they have become the choice machine of many consumers.

The trend is such, that once consumers started on these single cup coffee brewer, when they change, they would move on to other brands, they would not revert back to other genre of machines.

There are many reasons why these machines are so popular and in this article I would just use three of them. When it comes brewing it yourself, the majority of us would go for the solution that is the easiest.

While, there are a small group that would look for machines that would help them to know more about brewing and the art of espresso making, most of us just want to have our coffee the easy way.

And it is this element that makes the pod coffee so popular. Not only are they very easy to use, they are very easy to maintain as well. Using this machine only requires you to know which button to press to brew it, and the slot to insert the pods.

Although, nobody would allow a 3 year old to drink or even brew coffee, the set up is really simple enough that a child that age would be able to do it.

When it comes to cleaning, it is nothing more than throwing away the spend pod and wiping the machine. This is so much easier when compared to dismantling of the whole machine to clean and wash in the case of espresso or drip filter brewers.

I know that even without going into the third reasons, the two factors highlighted above would be enough to convince most of us that this is a good brewer, but the last is really a solution to many city dwellers.

Part of our urban lifestyle is living in a very small and cramped apartment. We do not have the space for anything, so when we want to purchased a machine, it has to be something small enough to fit into the very limited space we have.

If you have look at any single cup machine, you would know that any one of them is at least 50% smaller than your usual drip filter brewer, so this is the machine that would not cause you any headache in looking for a space to accommodate it.

Other than taking up very little space, the coffee pods are also packed in small boxes so you would not have to worry about storing it or having any pest issue.

There you have it, three reasons why these single coffee brewers and hope that if these machines would bring you many great cuppa!

Autor: Ebenezer Heng

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Energy Efficient Washing Machines That Definitely Do Not Cost the Earth

During the current economic downturn, everybody is looking after their pennies but when your washing machine breaks down and can't be repaired it is not as if you can live without it. When looking at the range of washing machines available, it is important not just to focus on the price tag -choosing an energy efficient model could help you to reduce the amount of energy your household uses and therefore cut the cost of your electricity bill.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, domestic appliances account for 47% of total domestic electricity consumption - 14% of which is through the use of washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

You can easily tell whether an appliance is energy efficient as all household appliances must carry the European Energy Label. This informs you of the appliances exact energy consumption (in kilowatt hours - kWh) under normal conditions.

An overall rating is illustrated by an alphabetic score with A+ being the most efficient and G being the least efficient rating available. For laundry appliances there are also individual ratings based on energy consumption kWh per cycle, washing performance, spin drying performance, load capacity and noise. Each of these can assist you with your purchase decision based on your household requirements.

You may imagine that the most efficient models are the most expensive, but this is not always the case. If you shop around you will be able to find an inexpensive appliance that is environmentally friendly and cost efficient in terms of fuels consumption.

For example the Whirlpool AWO/D 6927 retails at just over 300 and has an A+ rating. This machine uses revolutionary 6th Sense Technology which senses and adapts to different circumstances within the wash cycle to provide perfect care and cleaning for all fabric types. This feature could save you up to 30% on time, water and energy. Special sensors within the appliance also recognise the size of your load the machine will automatically adjust resources to ensure optimal performance.

The Bosch WAS32466GB retails at around 490 and also has an A+ rating for energy efficiency. Bosch, are committed to developing and manufacturing products that are safe, ecologically-friendly and economical and this machine is designed to reduce the burden to the environment during its everyday use, as well as during its subsequent recycling and disposal. The appliance features a 24 hour delay start timer, enabling you to take advantage of cheaper overnight electricity, yet another way to save on your electricity bill.

Top of the class is the Miele W3922WPS at around 945. If you are ready to ditch the disposable lifestyle and embrace products with a longer lifespan then this could be the appliance for you. Designed and tested for 20 years use this appliance could save you breakdown headaches in the future as well as money off your electricity bill! Not only is it built to last, it has an A+ rating for energy efficiency, a 24 hour delay start timer, a number of quick, economical wash cycle options and comes with a 10 year parts and labour guarantee.

When buying a new washing machine, it is important to think about how much the product could cost you over its life span and how long or short that life span may be. You might be tempted to pay 200 for a washing machine thinking it's a bargain, but remember the cost of running it could way exceed that figure.

Autor: John Kaduwanema John Kaduwanema
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Washing Machines, American Fridge Freezers

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Reverse Osmosis Equipment Old Fangled and Archaic?

The advertisements for reverse osmosis equipment sure make this system look good don't they? They would make you think that what you are looking at is the most state of the art equipment that is available, and everything that you will ever need for effective protection from the contaminants that are in our water supply. Unfortunately none of this is true.

What you are getting when you buy one of these systems is a machine that is barely capable of removing anything harmful from your water supply. You have to remember that they are designed after the large scale apparatus that the local wastewater treatment facilities have. What you have to keep in mind there is that if the machines that these facilities had could effectively clean you water, you would not be looking for a filtering system.

The reverse osmosis equipment was designed primarily for the demineralization of water, but not for purifying it. When this type of system was designed there weren't nearly the number of contaminants in our water supply, and there was certainly not the number of chemical agents present that we have today. The fact is that this type of system was designed for the problems of a bygone era.

The system works through the use of a simple, porous membrane filter, which is not designed to be effective at removing matter from the water that has an equal or lesser molecular weight than water itself. The vast majority of the chemical contaminants that are present fall into this category. These chemicals pass through the membrane filter totally unobstructed.

The reverse osmosis equipment that is designed for home use utilizes the exact same porous membrane. These systems will not allow as many of the chemical agents in our water to reach your drinking glass as the ones at the wastewater treatment facilities do, because they have what is known as an activated granular carbon filter that will block some of them out.
This filter alone however is not nearly enough to sufficiently protect your family from the thousands of contaminants that are present in our water. There are many more chemicals that activated granular carbon will not remove, as well as various microbes in the water that the chlorine disinfection process fails to remove. You need more filtering than this system provides.

Instead of wasting your money on reverse osmosis equipment you should invest in a high quality home water purification system that provides you with all of the tools that you need. In addition to activated carbon you will need a multi media filter, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange if you want your water to truly be safe to drink.

Why would you pay an exorbitant amount of money for reverse osmosis equipment, which offers you nothing, when for as little as $125 you could have a system that takes care of all of your needs? If you want to protect the health of your family then the best place to start would be to buy a system that is truly effective.

Autor: Derek Reeve

Derek Reeve runs an informational website that provides details of the best water purifiers. If you're serious about improving the quality of the water you use visit water purification systems for home to find the most effective, efficient and affordable products available.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where to Find Obsolete Appliance Parts

As the economic recession deepens, more and more people are becoming reluctant to buy new appliances. They would rather have their old ones repaired and re-done than by replacing them with new and more expensive units. During this trying time, any suggestion to save money will be most welcome. For broken home appliances, submitting it to necessary repairs will come to mind. However, the option to repair broken home appliances poses some problems. Of course, having sufficient skills in doing repair is an advantage; it certainly yields huge savings by becoming free from repair costs and for being able to paid repair services for other people. But sometimes, broken appliances would need its worn, blown and damaged parts replaced. This is actually not a problem for more recent appliance models. However, whatever happens if the replacement parts needed are already obsolete?

In many cases, broken down appliances are caused by a single blown or damaged part. Naturally, that part will be discovered as the repairman thoroughly examine how far the damage has got into the appliance. Although he is skilled enough to salvage that appliance, he will need to have the damaged part replaced to fully restore its mechanisms. Without a replacement part, any repair attempt will be like a 'house of cards going down'. Unless that part is supplied, the appliance will be rendered beyond salvage. And the problem triples if that single part is found to be obsolete.

So what exactly is an obsolete part? What makes a part obsolete?

For a specific model of a home appliance, such as refrigerators, televisions and washing machines, is usually assembled from a unique set of parts and system of mechanisms. These components are the secret to its powerful cooling, cleaning and other functional mechanisms; claiming advantage over its competition. Appliance manufacturers normally put their appliances under a series of performance tests, which help determine or estimate service life of their appliances. That span of time also allows them to determine for how long they will need to manufacture spare parts for those appliance models. Once the manufacturers stop producing spare parts for a particular model of appliance, its parts will be rendered as obsolete.

In some cases, a well maintained appliance outlives its estimated service life. With that, certain problems will be faces once they start stalling. Very old appliances usually have obsolete parts. This makes it harder for a handy man or repair man to locate an exact part replacement for the damaged parts. Unless an exact part replacement is found, the repairs needed by a broken appliance will never be completed.

Where to shop

For years now, the internet has become extremely helpful in locating hard-to-find trinkets. With that, it has extended help in locating obsolete parts. There are a number of websites that feature stocks and listings of obsolete appliance parts. Collectively, these websites have created a helpful inventory on the surplus parts of very old appliance models. All you need to do is determine the part number of the replacement part that you needed to make the search easier. Antique parts are no exception. For very very old part models, replacements can be found on specialty online shopping stores or even in auction sites. Now, finding those obsolete switches, light bulbs, gears, and other machine pieces is made easier. You are only but a few mouse clicks away to finding the obsolete parts that you are looking for. All you need to do is mark your purchase's shipment date and wait for the package to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Autor: Eric Stein Eric Stein
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Eric Stein is the eCommerce manager for Midwest Appliance Parts, which specializes in helping people find the appliance parts they need to cost effectively repair their appliances by themselves. MAP has a huge inventory of new appliance parts for all the latest models and also obsolete appliance parts. So next time your machine has a problem, save time and money by starting your search for appliance parts at Midwest Appliance Parts! http://MidwestApplianceParts.com

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Water Filters - Why They Are Crucial For Your Family's Health

If you are like me, you are probably confused by the sheer volume of information and variety of house water filters out there, but when you take a closer look, only a handful can do the job effectively.

To begin with, reverse osmosis and distillation home water filter systems are out-dated and ineffective. They were designed for the photographic industries which needed large quantities of demineralized water.

The World Health Organization has stated that we all should ensure we drink water with minerals in, like calcium and potassium, which the reverse osmosis ones will strip out. They also fail to stop many of the dangerous synthetic toxins from getting through.

House water filters need to be effective today with over 2100 toxic chemicals in our water, many of which can cause cancer, including the new phenomenon of pharmaceuticals in the supply like antibiotics, mood stabilizers and growth hormones.

The most common style and one you may be using now is the pitcher or kitchen jug type of home water filter systems, and while they are better than nothing, they are the least effective and most expensive, mainly due to their size. Consider how often you have to change the filter and how much they cost each time!

The very best house water filters on the market, and recommended by the US EPA, are carbon block filters. They use an activated carbon filter and a multi stage process with ion exchange to remove 99% of all contaminants.

You can choose from a counter top, under counter, shower or whole house system, whichever suits your needs best, and make sure to check the suppliers Performance Data Sheet to see exactly what it removes.

So, as you can see, it doesn't have to be an uphill task to find the right home water filter systems, you just need to know what to look for, and if you follow this advice, you will never have to worry about water contamination again and can have your peace of mind back again that your water is safe and pure!

If you would like to learn more about the types of house water filters that I personally recommend and use, visit my website today.

Autor: Raymond Hamilton

Take a moment to visit my site now at: http://www.healthy-filtered-water.com

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of house water filters Discover which products Ray recommends after extensive research

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Guide to Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Let's face it, with studies showing we have over 2100 toxic chemicals in our water and that we can absorb more toxins from a shower than by drinking a liter of water, whole house water filtration systems start to make sense.

Any kind of filter is better than nothing, but to be truly effective you need it all filtered, not just the drinking water.

The American Journal of Public Health says that up to two-thirds of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering, so whole house water filtration systems can solve this problem for you.

The US EPA has recently stated that "Due to chlorine and showering, virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform gas in the air."

The new phenomenon of prescription drugs in the water means that you are basically drinking other people's medications, including growth hormones, antibiotics and mood stabilizers.

Not a nice cocktail to be drinking along with pesticides and chlorine, and studies have proved that all of these have found their way into our water.

Try to avoid the reverse osmosis systems as they demineralized the water, stripping out calcium and magnesium for example, which you require to stay healthy. They are also expensive to maintain and waste a tremendous amount of water.

Look for whole house water filtration systems that use a multi-stage process with an activated carbon filter and ion exchange. This is modern technology at its best and these will remove over 99% of all contaminants.

Then you can be sure that all the water coming in to your house is safe and pure. They can usually be installed by a plumber in 1-2 hours and you can easily change the filter yourself every six months.

So do yourself a favor and start protecting yourself with a quality multi stage system, and help safeguard you and your family's health not only for now but for the future too.

If you would like to learn more about the types of whole house water filtration systems that I personally recommend and use, visit my website today.

Autor: Raymond Hamilton

Take a moment to visit my site now at: http://www.healthy-filtered-water.com

Ray Hamilton is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the incredible benefits of whole house water filtration systems Discover which products Ray recommends after extensive research

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Exactly is a Centrifugal Juicer? Let Me Explain

You don't need to spend lots on these drinks, why not spend a little money on getting yourself a good quality centrifugal juicer. If you haven't juiced before, you will find it very satisfying watching your juicer do its work! One pint of fresh living carrot juice made in your home can cost you as little as 40p and taste absolutely delicious. Even a high end centrifugal juicer will easily pay for itself after being regularly used for a couple of months.

Of all the juice extractor's available centrifugal juicers are the most common. But not all of these perform as well as one would hope. Some manufacturers will put their brand name to models which are cheap because they are mass produced in China. So they may look good, but certainly don't perform that well. Therefore you should do some research before you actually spend money on betting your first centrifugal juicer or it may well end up not being used and just gathering dust in some kitchen cupboard instead.

Many of us use the internet to do research in to certain items but we do so at our own peril. When it comes to what is said on websites just about anything goes, and if there is any financial gain to be had for a business when trying to sell something, they often do say just about anything. This can mean that the less scrupulous suppliers of more expensive juicers will make claims that are aimed at damaging the reputation of the centrifugal juicer. They claim that these juicers don't provide you with healthy drinks and can "destroy and kill enzymes" in the juice because they are "damaged by heat". But this is simply not the case.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show that juice made using centrifugal juicers have high levels of enzymes and other nutrients in them, so use such research as a source for when determining what type to purchase. In a study of enzyme activity in carrot juice made using several types of juicers carried out by Michael Donaldson PhD in the US found that juice made using a reasonably priced centrifugal juicer produced enzyme Peroxidase activity at more than 90% than that found in juice made with more expensively priced machines. So this helps to clearly demonstrate that the myth of centrifugal juicers "kill enzymes" as being false.

The Independent Newspaper is one publication who you can trust when it comes to deciding which juicer to select. They believe that one of the best juicers to start juicing with is the L'Equip 110.5 Pulp Ejector Juicer or the other name which is much easier to remember is the L'Equip Mini. Each year they have tested various juicers and for the past two years this particular centrifugal juicer has gained the title of "Best Buy" from them.

Recently L'Equip launched a larger version of this particular machine called the L'Equip XL. The "XL" in its name refers to the size of the feed chute on the machine, which unlike on the smaller model can accept a whole apple. Also the motor inside the new model is much more powerful so it can very quickly make fresh healthy juice drink for you each morning. Another thing to note about L'Equip which is an American health brand is that it is working on ways to protect the environment. To help alleviate the impact their manufacturing processes have on the environment for each model sold a tree will be planted by them.

Centrifugal juicers provide you with an easy and quick way of getting fresh juice at home each day. Choose a model that other juice enthusiasts have tried as you will then be assured of getting one that is easy to clean after using it. Also make sure you choose one that has a separate container where the pulp of the fruit can be ejected into as this means you won't need to stop in order to dismantle and empty the juicer halfway through making a batch of juice for yourself.

Expect to pay about 80 or more for a really user friendly juicer, which in a matter of weeks or months will have paid for itself if you are using it to make juice on a daily basis. What are you waiting for? Why not get juicing at home now?

Autor: Paul Jaggs

For more help and advice when it comes to choosing a juicer, you should consult the pages provided on UK Juicers Ltd an award winning juicer business. There is always someone happy to help you by phone or email with your enquiry and who offer unbiased independent advice on their range of products including L'Equip Juicers or the Excalibur Dehydrator which is ideal for health enthusiasts

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Portable Dehumidifiers - Control Humidity Problems Anywhere With Portable Dehumidifiers

Feeling hot and sweaty is never anyone's cup of tea. Our bodies don't seem to react well to high amounts of humidity in the air. It can affect or energy levels and our moods. The reason high amounts of humidity affect us so much is because the amount of water vapor in the air doesn't allow us to sweat as we normally would in regular heat. It causes the temperate to feel warmer than it is by an average of 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. One way to make any location more comfortable is to use portable dehumidifiers. They are excellent for homes, offices, and even camping trips. They are lightweight so you can move them around your home easily.

Portable dehumidifiers work by collecting water vapor from the air. It is converted in to water that is changed into steam. The result is air in the atmosphere with 45% less humidity in it. This is the ideal way to help your body respond in a positive manner to the humidity instead of being tired and irritable because of it. Many people use portable dehumidifiers in their home because they can move them to any desired location. It is common to place them in the rooms you use most during the day such as the living room and kitchen. At night time they can be placed in bedrooms so everyone sleeps more comfortably.

Using portable dehumidifiers in your basement, laundry room, or crawl space can prevent mold and mildew from growing there. These growths can lead to serious health issues as well as destroy the structure of you home. It is much more cost effective to invest in portable dehumidifiers and prevent them from growing in the first place. If you are renting a home, trailer house, or apartment portable dehumidifiers give you the same comfort as home owners have. You don't have to worry about drilling holes in walls to install a stationary dehumidifier. This way you can take portable dehumidifiers with you when you move to another location in the future.

Autor: Caleb Liu

If you found this information on Portable Dehumidifiers useful, you'll also want to read about Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cleaning Up After Dinner - Save Money and Electricity, Hand Washing Dishes Wastes Energy!

Efficient dishwashers can clean your dishes using less water and energy than if you try to clean them yourself. That's what the ENERGY STAR folks tell us. But is it really the truth?

I used to be skeptical. I can wash the supper dishes by hand using only four liters of water, while energy saving dishwashers use around 4 gallons to a load, plus all that energy to heat the water and slosh it around.

In this article I will share my techniques for washing dishes by hand using as little water and energy as possible. But don't forget that, for most of us, modern efficient dishwashers are a better choice than hand-washing, as long as you use the dishwasher properly.

If you observe a typical American clean dishes by hand, it's easy to see why an efficient dishwasher wins over washing by hand just about every time. Some people let the tap run continuously as they clean; some fill a sink with warm soapy water and then run cold water in the second sink for rinsing; some are continuously squeezing dish soap into a scrub brush. When you consider all the energy that is required for heating the water, manufacturing the dish soap, and even the energy for treating and pumping the water to your home, it can wind up being a lot more energy than you would guess.

When people think about the energy use of a dishwasher, they usually think of the electricity that pumps water around inside the dishwasher. They might think that they can save all that energy if they wash dishes themselves. In fact, pumping and draining uses less energy than heating the water - only 20% of the total, compared to 80% for heating when you consider the heating that takes place in your hot water tank and in the dishwasher proper.

You might think that hand-cleaning dishes would at least save you the remaining 20% of the energy used by the dishwasher. But since people usually use much more water than modern efficient dishwashers, the end result is more energy use in hand-washing than when using a recent-vintage dishwasher. (Older dishwashers use up to twice as much water as newer models, so you might outperform that old avocado-colored dishwasher!)

Energy efficient dishwashers can wash dishes with a very small amount of water by doing two things you cannot match when hand washing: Heating the water to a scalding 140F - too hot for your hands - because hot water is better at getting grease and other food residue off dishes; and circulating the water at high pressure, which blows waste off your dishes more effectively than you can hand-scrub it, consuming a very small amount of water in the process.

Where energy efficient dishwashers are less efficient is where people sabotage the energy saving features of the dishwasher, by rinsing before loading, maintaining too high a hot water tank temperature, choosing too long a cycle, using the rinse-and-hold or heated-dry features, running partial loads, and using too much dishwasher detergent.

You actually can outperform a dishwasher in terms of energy consumption. Whether it's worth your while is moot. Consider the fact that energy efficient dishwashers with an ENERGY STAR logo can do a load for the energy equivalent of at most 1.54 kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity (including all the energy for mechanical and heat). At a typical cost of ten cents per kilowatt hour, and assuming you clean the dishes using cold water, the most you will save is around a dollar for every six loads.

And this is for a full dishwasher load - which is supposed to accommodate 6-8 complete place settings as well as 6 serving pieces. Assuming bread plate, dinner plate, bowl, cup and saucer, knife, fork and spoon, that's about 72 items cleaned, so you'll save about a cent for every five items if you wash by hand and use cold water.

But let's assume, for argument's sake, that you want to clean dishes yourself. I actually enjoy washing dishes; it's good contemplation time, plus it cleans my fingernails! How can you clean dishes by hand most efficiently? Here are my tips:

Never drain used water. After you've cleaned a load of plates by hand, or rinsed salad greens, leave the water to sit. Use this gray water to pre-rinse the dishes to remove the bulk of the food residue. That way, when it's time to wash, you'll need a lot less water.

Never let the tap run for extended periods. Turn it on for a few seconds at a time, only when you really need water.

Use aerators on your kitchen faucet. You can rinse dishes with much less water using a faucet aerator, which injects a stream of air into the water.

Use cold or just lukewarm water. Where I live in the tropics, no one cleans dishes in hot water, although of course the cold water comes out at a pleasant 70F. This just goes to show that you can, at the very least, clean in lukewarm rather than hot water.

Start with an inch of warm water in the sink. Wash dishes in that, and rinse in your second sink with cold water. Otherwise stack the dishes after cleaning, and then rinse them all in cold water when you're done the wash.

Just like your mom taught you, begin by cleaning the cleanest dishes - glasses, cups, cutlery, plates, and finally pots and pans.

Using these tips I can wash all the dishes from a four person meal in less than a gallon of fresh water. But is it worth all the effort? And how many people can actually outperform the efficiency of a good, late model dishwasher?

If you think you can outperform a new dishwasher, here's some research that modern efficient dishwashers not only clean dishes with less energy, water and detergent than people do, but also get the dishes cleaner.

A German study asked over 100 subjects to wash 12 place settings of dirty dishes. Each volunteer was given the run of a kitchen and observed by video; energy, water and dish soap use were tracked. The dishes were then inspected for cleanliness using an international standard for clean dishes. The same test was repeated with energy saving dishwashers.

The efficient dishwashers consumed 15 liters of water and 1-2 kwh of energy to clean 12 dinner place settings, while only two of the 113 subjects used under 20 liters of hot water. (Forty of the human subjects used over 100 liters of water each!). However, 70 of the subjects did manage to use 2 kwh or less of energy - and a quarter of the test subjects used 1 kwh or less.

The way I read the results of this study, it is possible to match the efficiency of modern efficient dishwashers, or even beat their performance slightly. But the energy saved is so small that the extra effort doesn't seem worthwhile. The human hand-washers took at least 40 minutes to do the load, while the energy efficient dishwashers needed only 15 minutes of human work for loading, starting, and unloading. Considering that the US government rates dishwasher efficiency assuming 215 loads per year, a typical hand washer would be adding about 89 hours of work to their year. That's more than two weeks of 9-to-5 work out of your life!

You are probably better off to save that time and look at other things you can do to conserve energy. Imagine how efficient your house would be if you set aside an extra 89 hours a year towards caulking, weather-stripping, insulating, sealing air leaks, and changing light bulbs to more energy efficient lights. Or how much more relaxed you'll be by using your energy efficient dishwasher. You just earned two extra weeks of free time!

Autor: Robin Green Robin Green
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Robin Green has been obsessed with energy efficiency since he built a wind generator at the age of fifteen. He currently runs Green Energy Efficient ... ...

Robin Green runs Green-Energy-Efficient-Homes.com, a website that helps people save energy in their homes. For more on saving electricity while washing dishes, see Energy efficient dishwashers on Green Energy Efficient Homes

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Truth About What is in Your Drinking Water System

Have you ever wondered what is in your drinking water system? If so, you may be surprised to learn that if your system is not protected it may have many contaminants that can be harmful to your health and that of your family. Bottled water is not the answer either, because in many cases the water you think is so pure is nothing but plain tap water. So the time would be now to think about what is in our drinking water and find out for sure.

The presence of bacteria, fungi or heavy metals in the water which sustains your family is very real. The best way to protect them is to install a water filtering system to remove the contaminants and make sure your family is getting the purest water available. A water filter will eliminate all the impurities that may be in your water and keep your children safe.

A water filter needs to match the size of the flow. An average water purification system will treat from 5 to 50 gallon per hour which is about right for the normal household. However, there are larger or smaller - whatever the need may be. If you are concerned about your water, which you should be, take a sample and have it tested. Most health departments have a section that deals with testing water for consumers. When the results come back take a good look at what is in the water you use on a daily basis.

A filter to remove the chlorine from your water as well as other impurities is needed. Chlorine is one way the treatment plants use to purify our drinking water. This is a very outdated way to kill the germs and bacteria that may be in the water. But what about the chlorine itself? Chlorine is very dangerous, especially in showers. The hot water in a shower vaporizes chlorine which is inhaled while you are showering. This can be very dangerous to those who suffer from asthma.

This is actually one thing that people do not think about a lot when they are considering all the aspects of keeping their family safe. Unless your water has an odor, it usually does not cross your mind that it may not be safe for you and your family. However, the presence of an odor is not the only indicator of contaminants, such as water borne disease which can be present in the water coming into your home.

When you start to ask yourself the question, "What is in our drinking water?" you may want to do a little homework and find out for sure. The links to many types of illness are traced back to the very water we have in our homes for drinking. There are many types of acute as well as chronic problems that may be the result of water. There have been many studies on this aspect and findings have indicated the presence of certain contaminants that can cause serious illness in people who use this water daily. What is the answer? A drinking water system is vital to ensure the health and safety of your family.

Autor: V.K. Rajagopalan V.K. Rajagopalan
Level: Platinum
V.K. Rajagopalan is a full time Internet Marketer and web publisher having several authority sites in different niches. He has been in the Web Publishing ... ...

Rajagopalan has had early setbacks and unhappy experiences due to the use of contaminated water. He has since done extensive research on the health benefits of a sound drinking water system for the water supply at your home. Learn how to dramatically improve, enhance and secure the health and safety of your family by the use of a fail safe water filtering system by visiting his site at => http://www.SafeFilteredWater.com/

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Baked Potato Microwave

You can experiment lot of recipes in the microwave. Cooking potatoes is an excellent idea; a microwave is a suitable option to cook these potatoes. Pizzas can also be prepared in the microwave, it is a replica of the stove or gas burners which we use at home. The main difference is the time required to cook is less as compared to gas burners. The risk involved is also less in a microwave. Potatoes baked in microwave taste excellent as they are not over burned.

Before preparing potatoes in the microwave there are special arrangements that have to be done so that they taste excellent.

Starting procedure

Wash potatoes in a strain and let them dry. It is important to poke holes in the potatoes, it is necessary or else they can explode inside the microwave due to excessive heating. After they are completely dried up place them inside the microwave, make sure that they are separated.


Cook them for around 10 minutes inside the microwave. There will be a slight change in the color which indicates that they are baked properly. They should be tinted in a dark color. Other way is to check the potatoes every 5 minutes. You should never over bake them, if they are turning black and a burnt smell is emitted then you should withdraw the process immediately.

Out on the Plate

After they have been cooked properly you can take them out and they are ready to serve. It is a very easy process, the time required is also less. You can use these potatoes in your recipe now or eat them baked.


You can slice the potato in half and make two identical pieces, another way of cutting is to square cut the potato in small blocks. Blocks look good it is a formal dinner or lunch. As they are hot you can even marinate them in butter. This will give them a hint of butter which tastes excellent on crisp baked potatoes. Vegetables can also be added like broccoli or peas. Potatoes can be designed in lot of shapes and sizes. If you like cheese then cottage or fondue would be preferred with red wine. Red wine goes hand in hand with cheese and potatoes.

Potatoes take time to cook but if marinated with salt and butter they are done in less time. Potatoes with cheese add up flavor. Potato finger chips and fish also taste good. It is a delicacy to have fish and chip. Baked potato with bread and butter or cheese can be had for breakfast also. They can be prepared in less time and make the stomach full till lunchtime. An egg with baked potato and lettuce also tastes good. Burger patties are also made from potatoes and vegetables. The burger patty can also be deeply fried to give it a crisp feeling. It can be enjoyed with tomato sauce and cheese.

Autor: John J. James

I am John James from bestmicrowaves.org and I am an expert on Cooking. I hope this article gives you a good start how to prepare a easy meal with your microwave.

I have written a lot more advice on Baked Potato Microwave and tips on Cooking.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

HEPAtech Air Purifier

Hepatech air purifier is the way to go if you want clean healthy air around you and your loved ones. It helps eliminate germs, dust and other air pollutants. They eliminate 99.97% of the pollutants in the air in your home or room.

Hepatech air purifier is the way to go if you are looking for the most economic type of air filters. They give an excellent clean air delivery rate (CARD) per dollar value. It has an advance carbon pre filter that will be able to remove all the odors in your room. The odors may be of tobacco, pets, or cooking odors. It is also able to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns and large particles such as lint and pet hair from the polluted air.

Hepatech air purifier has an ionizer that distributes negative ions throughout the room. This improves the cleaning process. It also has an effective airflow design that helps release purified air into the room without stirring up the settled particles. They come with a whisper quiet fan that reduces noise produced as it sucks air.

This kind of machine is avail be in various sizes to fit various room. Their prices also vary and you are sure to find one that suits your budget. There are also space-saving slim styles that will fit anywhere in your room. This type will fit so well that you will not even notice that it is there. To crown it all, it will not even interferer with your activities in the room.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Types of Indoor Air Purifiers

It has been noted by the 'Environment Protection Agency' (EPA), that the air indoors is more polluted than the air outdoors. This fat may be unbelievable but it is true. This has brought about the need to have indoor air purifiers. This machines help eliminate air pollutants in the house ensuring a healthy and pollutant free air in the house.

Indoor air purifiers reduce greatly the amount of pollutants in the air inside houses or rooms. They eliminate pollutant such as smoke, dust, odors, poisonous gases and many others. They are able to neutralize these pollutants making the air in your room more safe to breathe in.

There is quite a variety of indoor air purifiers. Your choice will therefore depend upon your needs, preferences and budget. There is the type that releases ozone particles in the air which is also effective in killing bacteria. The ionic type is very popular. It releases negatively charged ions that combine with the positively charged dust particles and harmful gases. When these combine, the dust particles and harmful gases become heavy and settle down hence freeing the air of pollutants.

Indoor air purifiers are a necessity if you intend to maintain good health. They help reduce the chances of you and members of your household catching airborne infections. The chances of them getting asthma attacks and undesirable allergic reaction are also greatly reduced. Should you happen to have children, the elderly or pregnant woman or women in your household, then this kind of filters are the best choice for you.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ionic Air Purifier

An Ionic air purifier works using a scientifically based technology. This technology is based on bonding ionic particles to the pollutants present in the air. When this kind of bonding occurs, the pollutants in the air become too heavy to stay in the air and therefore settle down on the surfaces in the room or area in which they are set up.

An ionic air purifier does not need a filter change. This eliminates the chances of reduced performances that may occur as a result of clogged filters. You are assured of clean air at all times by using this kind of machines. This consistency has resulted in their growing popularity amongst many households.

There is a type of this kind of machine that is developed using the latest technology. It incorporates the Ozone Guard air filter. It is able to convert harmful gases into purified oxygen. This makes it more beneficial because it is not only cleans the surrounding air but it adds more fresh air too.

By using ionic air purifiers, one is able to reduce money set aside for health. This is because you will have reduced the incidences of asthma attacks, allergic reaction and the chances of catching airborne diseases. These occurrences do cost a lot of money in terms of medication and consultation, when you have to treat them in hospitals. Time that would have been spent on other productive things is spent either in bed or nursing the sick. You and members of your households will be able to enjoy good health and even have some money to spend on other things.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

Ionic breeze air purifier is unique as compared to other usual ones. It is one of the best ways of keeping the surrounding air fresh and free from air pollutants. These pollutants include, dust, pollen, germs and many others.

It offers several important elements that you should consider. It has the newest model among the professional line, it produces less noise, and can clean larger areas with high levels of pollution. The chances of having stagnated contaminated air are reduced by the electronic fields of this kind of machine. This machine is able to catch the particles running in the air.

Another important feature of this kind of machine is that they do not require the replacement of filters. Replacement filters may not be easy to find, This can compromise the quality of air that passes through this filters. Ionic breeze air purifier eliminates this possibility. It ensures consistent maximization of its benefits. The filters in this machine are quite easy to clean.

Ionic breeze air purifiers produce less noise as they filter air by means of charged plates that draw pollutants into its electrostatic system. This eliminates the need for fans which can be noisy. This type of machine is able to draw micro particles that are not visible to the eyes. This ensures clean air in your surroundings at all times. With consistent fresh air to breathe in, you are sure to enjoy good health as most of the harmful and disease causing substances in the air will have been eliminated.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

IQ Air Purifiers

With increasing air pollution, it has become difficult to ensure that the air we breathe in is fresh and free from air pollutants. However, Iq air purifiers have made this possible. They have an outstanding capacity to help you fight against allergies, disease causing germs, and dust particles.

Iq air purifiers are among the best in the market. They are very popular because of the consistency in their filter performance. They are able to filter up to 99.99% of all air impurities. They are mostly used in hospitals to eliminate mold, viruses and bacteria.

Iq air purifiers come in a variety of types. There are the silent air cleaners which are able to remove dirty air from the bottom. The airflow is worked on by the series of filters eliminating the chances of air leakage. Ventilators are used to spread cleaned air into the rooms. This kind is specially designed for individuals prone to asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

This kind of air cleaners are very effective in reducing the incidences of asthma attacks and allergic reactions. They also greatly reduce the chances of the spread of airborne diseases such as SARS. It can be noted that the Hong Kong Hospital Authority used these machines exclusively during the SARS outbreak. When used, these machines will help maintain and improve the health of members of your household. Customer reviews on this product are very positive. Using them is a very cost effective way of maintaining the good health of you and members of your household.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Orek Air Purifier

Due the increasing indoor air pollution, there has arisen a need for this air to be cleaned. Orek air purifier is designed to ensure the health and safety of your home or office environment. It is able to eliminate air pollutants such as; pollen, dust, pet dander, fibers from the carpet and drapes, and many others. This will leave your home or office with clean and fresh air that is safe to breathe in.

Orek air purifiers works by trapping the impurities in the air in its purifying filter. It then releases fresh air back into your room. This kind of air cleaner is able to trap even the particles that are too small to be seen by the naked eyes. This ensures that all impurities whether seen or unseen are removed from the air. By timely changing of the filters, you are able to ensure consistent purification of the air in your rooms.

Orek air purifier comes in different varieties. You can choose from these, the one that suits your specific needs, preference and budget. With a wide variety, you are sure to find what you want. There is the desktop filtration unit which can be used in your business office, The bigger models that can be used in large areas. All these are designed to keep harmful toxins from you.

These machines are available from the local hardware or departmental stores. You can also view them online so as to get the details of the latest styles and models available. Choosing to use these machines is a very wise decision as members of your household will be protected from harmful substances found in polluted air.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone air purifier is the latest development in the ever-growing field of air purifier-manufacturing. It works using the principle that ozone is a highly unstable molecule that tends to bond with other substances. The ozone molecule bonds with unpleasant odors so as to nullify their effect. Dust and mold will also be eliminated in the process.

There are two varieties of the ozone air purifier. These are direct and indirect ozone purifier. The direct type neutralizes the air pollutants by spreading ozone in your home. The indirect type produces negative ions which trap the air pollutants thereby eliminating them form the air. In addition to the two varieties, this machine is available in various colors and sizes and also prices. You are sure to find what suits your preference and budget.

The ozone air purifier has a fan that rotates and produces a buzz sound as it works. However, this will become unnoticeable once you get used to having it around. With time, you will not even notice that it is around. It will not interfere with you as you have your telephone conversations, listen to music or watch TV. Instead, you will be enjoying the benefits offered by this kind of machine.

Ozone which is simply oxygen with an extra molecule depicted as O3, is a natural gas that cleans naturally, it is the best type of air cleaner which is a product of advanced level of research. It ensures consistent supply of fresh and safe air to breathe in in your surroundings.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Smoke Air Purifier

Smoking may be a vice or a means of relaxation to some people. However, smoke from tobacco is not healthy for members of your household. Smoke air purifier is the best way to keep members of your family free from the harmful substances contained in the tobacco smoke.

Smoke air purifier come in various types. There is the ionizing type, the ozone type and the HEPA type. The ionizing type will perfectly banish all the smoke odors from your room. An example of thy type is the ionic breeze. the ozone type will get all the pollutants resulting from smoke attached to the ozone molecules thereby negating their effects. This is the best kind in this category. The HEPA type will also effectively control smoke and odors.

Smoke odors especially that of tobacco can be quite offensive to some people. They even go to the extent of demanding a smoke free environment if they happen to visit restaurants, casinos, or bars. The use of a smoke air purifier will help solve this problem. When used, they will quickly negate the undesired effects caused by odors resulting from tobacco smoke and many others. They will freshen up the hotel rooms, offices and many other rooms in which they are used.

These machines will help reduce the harmful effects caused by second hand tobacco smoke. This will ensure that members of your family and those around you do not get affected by the tobacco smoke released in the air. They are a sure way of improving and maintaining good health.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

UV Air Purifier

UV air purifier uses ultra violet light to deactivate and eliminate harmful micro organisms that are present in the home or office environment. These may be bacteria or viruses. They are built using a technology that will perfectly combine with other purification systems so as to achieve the maximum results and benefits. This technology will effectively eliminate mold and tiny toxins.

UV air purifiers will act by changing the DNA of the harmful microorganisms so that they will not survive. It should be noted that this technology will not affect the DNA of human beings. they are completely safe for use in the homes and so you should not have any doubts while purchasing them.

The UV air purifiers are considered to be very effective in killing of all types of air-borne germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. This has made them to be popular in hospitals and high profile theaters. They have also been used in prestigious hotels. However, this kind machine can not act as an air filter on its own and is therefore used in combination with other kinds of air cleaning systems so as to ensure for a perfectly cleaned air free of all air pollutants.

There are various types of this kind of machines available in the market. They come in various sizes, shapes, and prices. There are portable ones and those that are not portable. You are sure to get a unit that suits you taste and budget. Investing in this kind of machine is a cost effective venture as you will be able eliminate the expenses incurred when your family members are infected by airborne diseases.

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