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Should You Hang Onto Your Old Appliance Or Buy New

Sometimes we are torn whether to fix our favorite aged appliance that has never seen a repair person or buy new. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you find yourself in this position.

Has your appliance been very reliable in the past?

If you have been lucky enough to have an appliance for over a decade before needing a repair, it may be wise to put some money into it to to keep it going. Many times the repair is inexpensive but remember, at some point, replacement parts for your appliance may become no longer available. Hopefully after a repair you won't have to worry for at least another decade. Consideration of the repairs cost should be taken into account. Generally, any repair that costs more than half the price of a new product is best avoided. For those costly repairs, the added savings of buying an energy efficient appliance will make more sense. It is wise to ask retailers, local utility companies and local governments about any recycling and energy efficient product rebates they may offer.

What is the overlooked cost of replacing an older appliance?

The true cost of replacing your appliance needs to be considered when comparing repair cost vs. replacement cost. Replacing your older appliance usually requires fees for installation, delivery and removal and disposal of your old appliances. So before you rush into junking your current appliance, ask yourself how much will it cost to remove the existing appliance, install the new appliance, and dispose of the old appliance. Paying over a hundred dollars to have an appliance installed is not unusual.

Are new appliances made of the same quality as my current appliance?

The quality of lower-end appliances today has degraded when compared to similarly priced machines 15 years ago. This is the result of manufacturers' loss of control of the quality of parts ordered from around the world. It seems as though they would like us to replace our appliances every few years. You can still buy high-quality appliances but the more bells and whistles they come with, the more there is that can go wrong. High-end appliances can cost a lot of money to fix because they use leading-edge technology such as smart circuit boards. Also. spending top dollar on an appliance no longer means more reliability; you are just as likely to require an appliance repair on an expensive top of the line model as you would a less expensive model. When it comes to major cooking appliances, Consumer Reports Magazine readers rated high-end brands such as Viking, Thermador, Dacor, and Jenn-Air as the least reliable.

So, although there are a lot of nice looking appliances out there with fancy extras such as a steam feature on a clothes washer. Your reliable old trusty washer may do you well if you just give it a second chance at life.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Single Serve Coffee Makers Are Better Than Under Cabinet Coffee Machines

Not many people would talk about single serve coffee makers in this manner, but the fact is, these machines are actually a space saver and so, you can consider them rather than those under cabinet brewers.

When people go looking for the latter, they have only one thing in mind and that is to save space. For city dwellers, space is a thing that they have very little of and in their already much cluttered kitchen, if they would to get a new appliance, they would want it to take up as little space as possible.

And that is the reason why many people go for the Black and Decker space maker. Personally, I think the single cup coffee machine saves more space. To start with, although the machine can be hidden away, it only saves you the space on the kitchen top.

The size of the machine is the same as other drip filter brewer and when you place it inside the cabinet; you would take up this space which can be used for other storage purpose. Then, you would also still need to worry about the storage of the coffee powder and the filter paper.

If you really look at it from another perspective, you are really only using another part of your kitchen to store this machine and it does not really save you any space.

If you are looking for a machine that saves you space, then you would want to go for something that is smaller in size than your usual coffee machine. That would be the single serve coffee maker.

Most of the machines are at least 50% smaller than the usual brewers, with some like the keurig b40 having size that is only 30% of the usual coffee makers. So, these are the machines that would really be using lesser space.

Moreover, because of the fact that they brewed using coffee pods, these refillable coffee are very easy to store and there are no other parts other than these refills. So, again, when compared to the filter paper and coffee powder of those under cabinet coffee maker, it would take up much less space.

Therefore, if you are asked me for recommendation on a machine that would use up very little space and yet gives you good coffee, I would propose the single cup brewers, hope this helps in your coffee experience.

Autor: Ebenezer Heng

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kitchen Appliances For the Home

There are lots of white goods that you can purchase online for the kitchen and the preferred are the washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and fridge freezers. The top brands for kitchen appliances are Bosch, Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Smeg, Zanussi, Creda, Miele, Siemens and Beko and they offer a large range of kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, freezers and tumble dryers.

However, when they are purchasing a fridge or washing machine, most of us only factor in the up-front cost, and do not consider the price of the electricity that it takes to run the appliance over its lifetime. And this will add up to an extraordinarily large amount. In reality, often the savings from an energy-efficient fridge or other appliance are so great, they'll just about cover the price of purchasing the appliance in the 1st place! So when it comes to replacing appliances, you can really save the most money by purchasing an energy efficient model. They can account for a quarter of your electricity bill.

Freezers are not only a convenience choice ; they are an economical one too. You may also store a large range of products, that will make each of your meals different to the prior one, therefore making a much required variety. There are 2 main models to choose from : upright freezers and chest freezers. They offer you acceptable space for lots of food though, and they are convenient to use. Chest freezers are the ones that are formed like an enormous box and are covered with plastic.

All these refer to the positioning of the chiller and the freezer. The top-bottom orientation can have the freezer on the top or the bottom.

Dishwashers are now thought to have about the same environmental impact as washing up by hand.

The balance is tipped in the dishwasher's favour if you use an energy saving dishwasher. A difference of 7p per wash.

Do you have 2 massive pots caked with cooked-on food? Put it on a tougher setting. The same is applicable to a tumble dryer, where the most energy efficient models will save you around 15 each year over standard models.

Autor: Steven Wishaw

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ionic Air Purifiers - Safety First

Strange but true. It is very, very difficult to find well-organized, properly documented scientific research about the technologies behind ionic air purifiers, a multimillion dollar global industry!

Strange because if the science is solidly grounded, I would expect any manufacturer of ionic air purifiers to trumpet the scientific basis of their brand. I would expect them to expound on the efficacy and effectiveness of their unique technology. Even more so, I would expect them to profusely assure users that their technology is perfectly safe, that they kill microbes but are perfectly harmless to human beings. Sadly, my expectations are not met.

True because I have spent countless hours looking for scientific technical papers supporting the technologies behind existing ionic air purifiers that are on the market and yet I have very little to show for it. Whether deliberate or not, marketeers of ionic air purifiers simply do not bother to put up scientific papers on their websites. Where they do, they make no distinction between safety, efficacy and effectiveness of their specific brands. The scientific references are mentioned only in brief and do not provide enough detail for study by the serious prospective purchasers of the particular air purifier. It is as if manufacturers do not expect anyone to question and scrutinize their products!

Inaccessible Scientific Research

Where I have stumbled upon relevant scientific research papers on the web, they are not readily accessible as they typically come at a prohibitive cost, being charged on a per article basis! I suppose if I am an entrepreneur looking to manufacture a new ionic air purifier I would be willing to invest in the hundreds and possibly thousands of technical papers indicated at some scientific journal websites. But I am only looking for a reliably safe product to buy for my personal use!

It is unfortunate that the scientific world is also commercially driven so that research of great importance is not made freely available to all who are interested or who need to know.

Logical Criteria

Nevertheless, though my head is still spinning from the deluge of inconclusive and confusing web data, my search for the ideal air purifier continues, along these criteria:

(1) Safety - the ionic air purifier technology must not cause any bodily harm to users;

(2) Efficacy - the ionic air purifier technology has been tested in the laboratory to really work on the basis on some thorough scientific research;

(3) Effectiveness - the ionic air purifier technology has been successfully transplanted from the laboratory into an appliance that will deliver the same results in a user setting i.e. home, office, factory, school etc.

Safety Issues

In this article, I want to concentrate on the safety of ionic air purifiers, a factor which I believe overrides the other two criteria of efficacy and effectiveness. There is no point having something that works wonderfully in eliminating microbes but is so powerful that it harms our health. Two important questions need to be answered:

(1) Do the purported beneficial active agents of ionic air purifier technologies cause harm to human tissue? Are negative ions, bipolar ions, hydroxyl radicals, Sharp's patented plasmacluster ions or whatever name they go by, safe?

(2) Do the unintended by-products of the ionic air purifier technologies cause any harm to human tissue? By-products include ozone and nitric oxides that are highly reactive and known to be harmful in high concentrations.

Beneficial Active Agents - Do They Harm Human Tissue?

No scientific data is available on the web on whether negative ions, bipolar ions, hydroxyl radicals, plasmacluster ions etc are safe in that they do not harm human tissue. There is plenty of data that demonstrate that these active agents effectively eliminate microbes, a subject which I will deal with in a later article. Here I am concerned that the touted potency of the active agents are equally destructive on fragile human tissue. Why is there a paucity of scientific data when millions of dollars are spent by consumers on ionic air purifiers every year?

After extensive but fruitless web searches, I did the next logical thing - ask the manufacturers of ionic air purifiers! From a few enquiries, the answer slowly became clear - the scientific data exists but manufacturers do not want to make them public lest they incur the wrath of animal welfare groups! Is this a real fear or are they hiding some unpleasant truth about their product?

Googling "animal testing" immediately threw up the huge controversy surrounding the use of animals in testing the safety of products meant for human beings. A case in point would be that of Huntingdon Life Sciences, a UK research company that conducts safety testing of commercial products, pharmaceuticals and home appliances. To this day, there is much conflict between testing companies and animal welfare groups. No wonder the cloak of secrecy by ionic air purifier manufacturers who are likely to conduct safety tests using similar testing companies.

Documented Animal Testing

A chance web search result helped me to better understand the animal testing controversy. The safety tests mentioned on the website related to a liquid product, not directly related to any ionic air purifier technology. The liquid is applied onto furniture and other household fittings. In the explanation of one of the benefits, it is claimed that when ultra-violet light in sunlight shines on the liquid, hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions are released into the air hence destroying any microbes like bacteria, viruses and mold that may be present.

To prove that the liquid is harmless to humans, four categories of safety tests were performed on mice, guinea pigs and rabbits (please be warned that you may find the next paragraph offensive and you may wish to skip to the next paragraph).

They are:

(1) Test for acute oral toxicity - the liquid was orally fed to mice;

(2) Test for primary skin irritation - the liquid was applied onto deliberately abraded skin of rabbits;

(3) Test for skin sensitivities - the liquid was injected under the skin of guinea pigs;

(4) Test for mutagenicity - the liquid was applied to salmonella bacteria to ascertain if they caused mutation in the bacteria nuclei so as to ascertain if the liquid has the ability to cause cancer.

Animals Unharmed

Pretty grim and repulsive stuff! I feel so even though the reports indicate that the tests were conducted in accordance with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Chemical Testing. I can begin to empathize with the animal welfare camp about such safety testing. Fortunately, for this liquid product, all the animals (even the salmonella bacteria) were found to be unharmed by its application.

This brief insight into animal testing explains why manufacturers of ionic air purifiers refrain from publicizing or even making mention of such tests when they are conducted.

Safety Footnotes

Despite this concern of manufacturers, my web searches have revealed footnotes for certain brands whereby they indicate that safety tests have been conducted on the active agents. In searching for my ionic air purifier, I would be looking for such footnotes. I would expect that no animals had been harmed or the purifier would have no good reason to be on the market for human beings. I would also ascertain that the safety testing was conducted by reputable institutions that are accredited as GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), a set of principles issued by the OECD to recognize organizations which comply with strict scientific testing standards.

Human Testing

In the final analysis, does this mean that there is really no safety testing for the effects of active agents on human beings who use ionic air purifiers? Hardly, if you think about it. All the users become testers, having unknowingly volunteered by the act of purchasing one and using it!

Unfortunately, all we will hear on maufacturers' websites would be glowing testimonials of the benefits of the purifier. Such testimonials, while helpful, come under the cloud of cherry-picking i.e. only the positive ones are featured. To be considered solid scientific proof that the active agents cause no harm to human tissue, the users' operation of the ionic air purifier would have had to be subject to very stringent testing criteria and parameters of a GLP laboratory.

It would appear that this is an issue that will never be properly resolved. The only comfort for me is that many other products on the consumer market are sold in the same manner, purely on the good faith of manufacturers and considered safe until proven otherwise.

Safety - Second Aspect

In a future article, I shall discuss the second aspect of safety. Quite apart from the active agents, human tissue may also be harmed by potential by-products, deliberate or unintended, of ionic air purifiers.

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You can also follow my on-going research at The Ionic Air Purifier Blog.

Min En writes on The Ionic Air Purifier Blog. His healthy cynicism about manufacturers' commercial claims is transformed into positive energy that drives him to do very thorough research before buying any product. The Ionic Air Purifier Blog at documents his hunt for the ideal ionic air purifier.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My History of Digital Scales

Ever since I was little I loved playing on my mom's bathroom scale. It used to show a different number for how much I weighed every time I used it. It wasn't until I was older that I begin to hate the scale for that very same reason. Some days it would show a good number, but others it would show I was extremely overweight. It drove me crazy. I always wondered why my mother kept it and never got a new one. She said that she gave up on buying new scales because they always broke rather quickly. So she kept that one out of spite of all the scales she was forced to buy. I let the matter go and soon decided to just not worry about what it said on the scale. Eventually I moved out, went to college and finally got married. Well then I had kids and suddenly my life as a young skinny teenager was gone. I had to start working even harder to keep my weight off. I got on a workout schedule but soon became discouraged because I never noticed any difference in my weight. I talked to a friend about this and she told me that a good motivator to keep working out was having a scale. I told her that I didn't believe in scales because they always broke when I was a kid. She told me to get a digital bathroom scale. Most of them had a 10 year warranty and they are always guaranteed to be accurate all the time. I didn't believe her. A digital scale seems phonier to me then an old school scale. But she said that digital scales are typically more advanced and better then the classic scale.

A typical new digital scale can usually weigh up to 300 pounds. The nice thing about digital scales is that some can be programmed to keep a catalog of previous weight which can help you keep track of the weight being lost. Through technological advances, they have grown to be rather accurate. These days, not only can a digital bathroom scale tell you your weight, but it can also tell you other valuable pieces of information about your body composition including: body fat percentage, body water composition, and muscle mass. It can do all of this merely by you inputting several pieces of information and standing on the scale. Like stated previously, you can keep a program of your weight loss and also keep all of this information on different user settings so that you only have to enter this information once. The old dial scales are a thing of past generations. 21st century scales are more accurate and more advanced in details. Not only that, but they also can be something that you don't need to hide in a bathroom closet, or underneath towels. Today's digital scales are sleek and as shiny as that new sports car that costs way too much. They will stand out in your bathroom and don't need to be moved when guests arrive. Step onto a new digital scale that tells you more than an arbitrary number; step onto you that will last you more than a few months, and more than a few years.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digital Scales - Essential For Cooking and Baking

I love cooking and baking. However, I'm no Martha Stewart or America's Test Kitchen. I always like to try new things but no matter how detailed, the food never turns out that good. Especially when it comes to baked goods; I measure very carefully, but cookies, cakes, and pastries seem to come out wrong every time. I have never been one to watch the food network because we never had that channel. But one year it was suddenly offered in our cable package; I was ecstatic. It was then that I finally learned the many secrets to successful cooking and baking. However the one secret that really changed how my baked goods came out of the oven was using a digital kitchen scale.

I have heard about digital kitchen scales before but only thought that intense professional cooks used them for complicated foods. Well after watching many different cooking shows I realized that the cooking host used the scale for every kind of food, whether simple or complicated. On top of it they suggested that everyone have a kitchen scale in their kitchen because it makes baking less stressful and less complicated. I couldn't believe what I was learning, how could a gadget such as a digital scale make cooking or baking less complicated. Well, I wanted to make sure that the shows were really being truthful about a kitchen scale helping the baking process before I purchased one. So I did my research first.

Now the big thing that is often advertised about digital kitchen scales is the precision that the digital scale can offer in baking. Everyone that bakes knows that it is extremely important to be precise and to watch every detail. Now, when one normally bakes they can try to be as accurate as possible, but using basic measuring cups can make being accurate difficult. For example when you first measure a cup of flour, the mass of the cup of flour could be different from the second cup of flour, thus resulting in a slightly wrong measurement.

However, this problem can be easily mended with a digital kitchen scale. With a digital scale you don't have to worry about making sure each cup of flour is measured the same. Whether the flour is packed tight or shifted, with a digital scale all that hard work of measuring is made easier. All you have to do is make sure your digital scale is set to zero after the measuring cup is on it and then all you have to do is pour and measure. You will have perfect and exact results every time. I first thought that a digital scale was just a tool for a lazy person, but after trying one out I realized that it is for anyone who loves to cook or bake.

Along with baking, the digital kitchen scale can come in handy with cooking dinner too. You ever wonder what to do when a recipe calls for exactly 5 lbs of chicken and you are not sure how much that is? Well, with a digital scale problem solved. No more wondering or guessing.

If you are not so sure a digital kitchen scale would be something that would help you, just give it a try. Take my word, it is completely worth it.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digital Body Fat Scale - The Path to Success

Trying to lose weight? My mom is, or has been for a long time. All year she goes through stages of motivation to lose weight. Every New Year she makes the resolution to follow a rigorous exercise routine and a new diet. However, she gets discourage when she doesn't notice any difference. After she exercised for 3 weeks the scale told her she weighed the same. I use to tell her that muscle weighed more than fat, so she was probably gaining muscle. Well, back then they didn't have scales that could measure how much fat and muscle you had, so of course my mom just stuck to what the old scale said. It was pretty discouraging for her, and so she would give up exercising.

Recently I have found something that would have helped my mom have a better exercising habit and help her motivation: a digital body fat scale. When I was a kid digital scales were new and not considered accurate in their measurements. However, over the years they have come a long way in improvement. Digital scales are now accurate and advanced. I guess my mom could have taken the time to measure her fat in with the body calipers which are the original 'fat' meters, but that is not very accurate and requires a lot of measuring. Basically the body calipers are sort of a nuisance way to measure fat content. Usually doctors and physical trainers are trained to make sure they give you an accurate measurement. This way of measuring is still the most accurate means of measuring body fat, but you need to really know what you are doing to get an accurate measurement. Now you don't need to go to a trainer or try figure out your body fat the old way, now you can use a digital scale to make it easier.

Advanced technology has made it so we can be our own personal trainer by using a body fat scale that can do it all for us. These body fat scales are accurate and use BIA (bioelectric impedance) to measure body fat percentage. Even if they say that BIA is perfected, I still wondered if a body fat scale really works. Well it does. Bioelectircal impedance analysis has be studied enough to change it from a guessing science to a true science. Although, we all know that hypothesis is different from theory. This has become almost more than a theory.

I wish my mom had a digital body fat scale when I was younger. With a body fat scale she could have had a more accurate view of how much fat she was actually losing. She would then have realized the importance of gauging how much fat and muscle she had instead of just some arbitrary weight. This is always important to remember: that weight loss and fat loss are not synonymous.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home Appliance Energy Saving Tips - Minimize Consumption by Half

Amid this recession everyone is looking quite exhausted and tired. Undoubtedly, money helps a human to run in the same fashion as gas does to an automobiles or electricity does to your home appliances.

Thus, there is no wonder if somebody is looking for some definite methods which may help to minimize the holes in his wallets.

Amazingly enough, the strategies and methods to save some important bucks are pretty much easier to devise than you might have ever thought of. And these are nothing but starting from your consumer appliances only.

Have you ever thought that how much does it cost when you use your home appliances not carefully enough? Believe it or not, only a certain amount of careful approach while you run your consumer appliances will help you save a whopping 40-50 percent of your total energy consumption.

See here we go!

Learn To Cover : You can save a handsome amount of energy only if you never keep your pots uncovered while using stoves. A covered pot cooks fast which helps you save substantial energy. Also, use only those pots which come with 'sandwich bottoms.' Such pots consume less energy so you can cook at a low temperature too.

Postpone Pre-heating : Most of us have developed a poor habit of pre-heating every time we turn on the ovens. Doing so frequently with this home appliance turns out to be too expensive.

Thus shun this habit of pre-heating until and unless it is too important while cooking. Try to buy an oven which is equipped with air circulation mode. Such a mode is helpful enough to save considerable energy.

Read The Temperature : Never use your freezers and refrigerators out of a "chilling" impulse. Don't think that lowering the internal temperature of these home appliances will give you an enhanced service. Contrarily, doing so may backfire with increased power bill.

Consumer appliances such a freezers and refrigerators work best with an internal temperature of 18 and 7 degree Celsius respectively. Also use moderate temperature while washing greasy dishes in a dishwasher. If the dishes are not greasy, then washing dishes on low temperature, or manually, saves noticeable energy.

Sleep, Don't Stand : I still wonder why people prefer to keep their consumer appliances in stand-by modes though switching off the appliances requires no extra effort.

Don't they know that even a half-sleeping household appliance consumes energy, though the amount is a meager one? So whether it is your DVD player or TV or any other entertainment appliance, switch it off completely.

Go Near The Nature : Whenever you find that there is no extreme weather, then go to your windows and turn them wide open. Let the outer air come in and see that you don't require the AC anymore. If it is very hot or cold outside, you have to keep the windows shut, of course.

Moreover, using transparent and colorless window glasses can help you save a lot of energy as such glasses allow enough natural light to creep in. However, in the nights use CFL or LED light bulbs.

Shower Power : Having a bath in a tub needs more water than doing so under a shower. Thus if you leave the habit of bathing in a tub, you may not only save enough water but considerable amount of energy too. Surely, filling the bathtub up to its edges consumes extra energy, even a child knows it.

Some More : Get ensured that your freezer is 60-65 percent full. Experts say that a refrigerator without icebox saves 15-18 percent energy. Use washing machines and dishwashers only when you are sure that the dirty clothes and dishes will be enough to fill them 100 percent.

Doing so will save much energy. Avoid using dryers and use your courtyard to dry the clothes. So try these easy tips and tricks when you use your consumer appliances next time and save sufficient energy.

Autor: Pattrick S Savarna brings one of the most admired consumer appliances to your doorsteps. Watch out!

Do you know how to keep your computers clean in the simplest manner or how to maintain your sewing machine? Check out My Electronics Blog from Pattrick Savarna, a consumer appliances expert.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini Refrigerator - Why You Need One

The refrigerator is one of the most needed appliances in the home today. We need to be able to buy our food and keep it safe to eat without fear of bacteria. The refrigerator keeps your food items safe by keeping them cold. Many items would spoil causing food poisoning for us all if it was not for the refrigerator. The first version of a cold box or refrigerator was an ice box. The local ice plant delivered a block of ice that was placed inside the refrigerator unit in order to keep our foods cold enough so that they would not spoil. Eventually with the invention of electricity the modern refrigerator was born. It became so much simpler to just plug the unit into the electricity and not worry about melting ice.

The electrical units were very good and provided a much safer means of keeping our foods from spoiling. The units were a problem in the fact that they over froze the freezer unit often causing the housewife to constantly defrost this part of the unit. This took much work and time away from other household chores. Eventually, the manufacturers invented a frost free freezer that no one has to defrost. This made keeping our foods even safer without any taste of the frozen frost build up in the freezer unit. We now are able to keep meats, ice creams, and frozen foods at one temperature level for their safety while we can keep other items like our milks, fruits and vegetables at a different temperature.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Handy Refrigerator Buying Guide

Here in America, we love our refrigerators.

We're big on stocking up on food and limiting the number of trips to the grocery store, so it's important that our fridges are the right size for our needs. (On the flip side, if our fridges are too big, they burn through energy trying to keep everything cool.) And if you don't choose the right style for your cooking regimen, you'll waste energy searching for food or rearranging groceries every chance you get.

This makes selecting a refrigerator one of the most important decisions when planning kitchen design. To make sure you invest in the right style, begin by determining how much space you have. Measure the width and depth of the area, and don't forget to factor in room for doors - or drawers, as is the case with some models - to open. (After all, what good is a fridge if you can't open it?)

When you go to the store, look for a model that fits the area with room to spare. Squeezing a fridge into a tight space just won't work! And consider what you actually need. According to Don Vandervort, two people need at least 10 cubic feet of refrigerator space, not including the freezer. For each additional family member, add one-and-a-half cubic feet.

You should also look for a style that matches your cooking routine.


With these models, the freezer sits on top of the refrigerator. It's often smaller than what's available for other fridge styles, but it puts frozen items at eye level and makes storing horizontal foods like pizzas and cakes easy. (In a side-by-side fridge, the space is often too narrow to fit these items.) If you don't own a stand-alone freezer, this refrigerator type may be the best option for you because of the more diverse freezer storage options. Bonus: Top-mount refrigerators are often the cheapest variety, and because they've been around the longest and all the kinks have been worked out, they're also the least likely to need costly repairs.


The freezer in this fridge variety rests on the bottom. It's basically a large drawer that can be pulled out for easy access to all freezer items. The refrigerator part of this model sits on top, making it easy to spot and reach more frequently used foods. Have back or knee trouble? You'll minimize bending and kneeling with this option. Plus, this fridge style is typically the most energy efficient.


The freezer and refrigerator in this model are of equal size and directly next to each other. If you commonly need access to both freezer and refrigerator items, or if you currently own a stand-alone freezer to store more bulky items, this fridge type may make the best use of your space.


These smaller units are often used in dorm rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and home bars. If you're looking to fill a refrigerator need for only one room, a compact fridge should meet your desires. However, choosing a unit for a dorm room can get difficult because they have to take so much wear and tear and function for a variety of purposes.


Rather than being installed as a separate unit, built-in refrigerators are constructed to match the style of your kitchen or meet a particular cooking requirement. Although they're often narrower to match the depth of your cabinets, they're also often wider, and because they're custom made, they're also more expensive. Before choosing this option, consider the higher cost, wider space requirement, and necessity of a particular amenity.

From icemaker/water dispensers to alarms that sound when the door is left open, refrigerators also come with a variety of feature options. The price increases with each component, however, so it's important to choose which flashy items are necessary. You can choose from adjustable shelves, spill-proof shelves, in-door icemaker/water dispenser, in-door refreshment center, in-door television, separate controls for vegetable/fruit crispers, door or temperature alarms, child lock, quiet operation, or fast-cooling compartments - to name a few. Some features are only available on certain fridge models because of design constraints, so it's wise to choose features after you've chosen your model.

In addition to eyeing refrigerator amenities, you should also look for the ENERGY STAR (R) label. Considering that your fridge uses 14 percent of your home's electricity, this decision may be the best one you make when choosing a new refrigerator.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Under Sink Water Filters - Your Solution to a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Nowadays, many people are starting to use under sink water filters for greater convenience and economy of space. And choosing the right equipment could be exasperating sometimes.

Are you aware that running waters pumped into millions of households in the United States are contaminated by at least 2,100 toxic chemicals? This is according to a study conducted by the Ralph Nader Research Institute. These chemicals continue to find their way to our household through agro-chemical run offs, irresponsible use of household chemicals and industrial wastes.

Water plays a very important role in all bodily processes. It is a key element in the production of cells, tissue development and proper functioning of the different organs. It is therefore important that we have easy access to clean sources of drinking supply at all times.

This will definitely requires the use of a truly effective water filter which must be able to eliminate all chemical and biological contaminants. Let me share with you some tips on how to choose the right purification filter for your home.

Choose the right home water filter

Home purification filters come in various. These may be in the form of kitchen water filters, shower filters and general household filters. Recently, new innovations were introduced in making specific undersink filter for greater convenience and economy of space.

Notably, under sink water filters are far more convenient since they are installed beneath the kitchen sink. They occupy less space and provide a clutter-free kitchen environment. Since these filters are installed below the kitchen sink, you actually have variety of choices pertaining to their sizes and designs.

Some tips

These under sink water filters no longer use valves or tubing. They only use a special faucet installed near the kitchen sink. Here are some additional tips to remember.

1. Buy only those that are easily installed. This will spare you from spending additional money for expensive installation services. I know of some companies that sell under sink water filters that can even be installed by the owner. They come in very handy with user-friendly manuals and user's guide.

2. Consider the warranties too. Only few companies offer lifetime warranties. Read carefully the warranty card and the stipulated provisions.

3. Always check the Performance Data Sheet. This will apprise you of the effective contaminant removing ability of the model and unit itself. It specifically lists all the contaminants the unit is able to remove. It also contains additional information concerning the extent those contaminants are actually removed.

Under sink water filters primarily provide a clutter-free kitchen environment. If you have limited kitchen space at home, these could be your best choice. Choose well and evaluate carefully all aspects. This will ensure you that you are getting the best under sink water filters available in the market.

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And now, I want to share with you one the best water filtration system that I have ever tried and is now using for my own home and office.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Common Faults You Could Find in a Washing Machine

While buying a washing machine it comes with the manufacturer saying that the lifespan of the washing machine can be more than 5 to 8 years with a catch- 'condition applies'. Yes the condition is how you maintain your washing machine. The common misuse really ruins the life of your washing machine, even a costly washing machine goes of just like that with costly repair bill. Mostly this problem happens because of not properly using the machine as well not maintaining after the washing is over and it is nothing to do with reliability and that everyone knows. The most common mistake end user usually do is that they unknowingly overload the machine beyond the prescribed capacity and this could lead to worn drum bearings, broken suspension, misplacing of belt, fault in circuit board and in extreme cases it may cause damage to the motor.

The lifespan of a washing machine can hold for 6 to 8 years if it is maintained with 5 loads per week. The faults in majority of washing machines can be easily rectified. Leaking is the most common fault you could face during the washing process. Washing machine leakage is due to many reason and there are many place in washing machine that have possibility of chances that a leakage can take place so you need to thoroughly check or inspect the external parts of the machine to find out from where the water spills out. Leakage can normally happen in some common places. The common cause for the leakage in a washing machine is door seal that is a flange part, which a door glass press against when you close the door. In most cases the door seal get holes in them, when the water rushes inside the drum which then runs out of the front door through the door seal holes. This happens because the door seal might have been worn out.

If you found that the door seal does not need to be changed than check out if anything get trapped between the door glass and the door seal that could cause to break the seal. With the help of dry cloth just wipe over the seal's flange and the glass inside of the door to completely remove the dissolved washing machine detergent or you can dab with washing liquid around the edge of the door seal. Another cause of spilling of water outside the washing machine is overfilling that happens sometime when the water level sensor goes fault. If you find any soap residue it will block the pressure chamber and it makes the pressure chamber unable to activate the level switch that maintains the water level. With the failure in the water level switch the water will overfill and start to leak out. You can remove the pipe that leads to the pressure chamber and clean it to avoid any damage to the level switch.

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Appliance Shopping Online

The initial response to online shopping in the UK was not very encouraging even though the younger generation was enthusiastic about the innovative approach towards shopping. But elders and housewives were reluctant to take chances. Due to the growing awareness about the convenience of online services, public patronage is increasing. In certain areas, online shopping system is conspicuous by the overwhelming public response and appliance marketing is one such segment.

Cost advantage is one main reason why many people prefer this new system, for buying appliances. Unlike the conventional shopping malls, the online dealers incur very low overhead expenses, as they need not spend on establishment expenses. The cost benefits thus acquired are shared with their customers. As a result, a product becomes cheaper by about ten or more percentage when purchased online.

Another advantage is that all categories of products and all popular brands are available in a single website. The customer need not move from shop to shop in search of a particular appliance which belongs to a specific brand. At times, conventional department stores may be able to provide the most popular brand of refrigerator, but a dishwasher or a cook top may not be available there. As a result the customer will be forced to search further wasting time and energy. The online dealers are able to provide all the requirements of the customer from a single source. Information about new products introduced in the market can be obtained from them, if the customers sign up for such arrangements. Periodical intimations about new up gradations, improvements or attachments to the existing appliances will be mailed to the customers. Information about off season discounts, introductory offers and issue of gift coupons are also provided to them.

The comfort and convenience of the system are remarkable. In the busy work schedule of modern life, people have very little or no time to make intensive and time consuming search for their requirements. The online dealers are able to supply quality products and services to the customer at comparatively cheaper rates. The consumer friendly return policy plus free shipping and warranty make online system the most advantageous source for shopping.

Apart from sales and services, there are websites that offer advice for those who are not very sure of the safety and reliability of the appliances they required. Cost advantage, energy efficiency, durability, recurring expenses are among the various factors with which many of the customers are not conversant with. Some websites are equipped with know-how to offer suitable guidelines or advice to them.

Prompt after sales services are offered by the online dealers. There are portals which offer repair charges in case of any breakdown. Depending on the locality or the convenience of the customer, dealers will be able to render advice regarding the use of electricity or gas. All the requirements of the households are now available on the desktop and a click of the mouse can make things work smoothly. The online dealers are functioning in a competitive environment and are eager to attract more customers with cheaper but efficient services.

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Buying the Right Bread Maker

The aroma of fresh bread can tingle taste buds and create an appetite for all that is wholesome. Slices of homemade bread go a long way in helping one to start the day on the right note. A good Bread maker should also complement the homemaker's baking skills. Different companies have brought out bread makers to suit individual tastes. They are a boon to modern homemaker.

Since the consumption of home made bread is more, it would help if the capacity is one, one and half or two pounds. The Crust Control Facility will help you to determine how dark or how pale your crust turns out to be. In common parlance, this is called "Browning".The presence of the Delay Timer helps to indicate the particular time you want your bread to be ready. You can time it to be ready for your breakfast. The Keep Warm feature is another useful option because it helps in retaining the heat of the bread till you need it. Bread makers also come with a feature that allows you to determine the shape of the loaf that you prefer. It should have a capacity that allows for two or three different sizes.

It would also help to exercise pragmatism in your choice. Do checkout for other options like Dish Washer Support and Power Failure Protection. The Nut and Fruit dispenser is another indispensible add-on that lends you versatility. You can bake French bread, fruit bread or whole wheat bread. This can add variety and widen your choice. Do select a machine with View Window. This will allow you to monitor the progress of the bread without having to open the machine often to check on the batter, rising and crust colour.

Bread maker units also come with a Cool Wall feature containing a material that keeps the unit's surface from becoming dangerously hot. A word of caution. Make sure to keep children and pets away from the vents. Even the "Cool Wall" lets off high temperatures. The Safety Cut out switch helps to cut the power automatically if the machine becomes very hot. The non-stick bread pan allows you to slide the bread in and out easily without having to touch and ruin the loaf. Do make sure that the company offers effective after sales service. The bread maker you choose should help you to put your mark on every loaf you make.

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Choosing the Best Refrigerator For Your Kitchen

There are some major points to consider before making your final decision as to which refrigerator you are going to buy for your kitchen. As it is a costly major appliance you need to make sure that once you have made your final decision that you will not regret the decision in a few months time.

Before you leave to go shopping for a fridge you need to measure the space where you intend fitting the refrigerator. Once you start shopping for one make sure that the size is okay to fit into your kitchen or the space where you intend keeping the fridge. Next check out the shelving.Is it the wire racks or solid shelves? I prefer solid shelves as they are easier to clean and a plus point is that when you mess on one of the solid ones it stays on that shelf and does not drip all the way down to the bottom of the fridge, never mind if it drips on other foodstuffs on below shelves you will be cleaning from now till Sunday. Also consider plastic shelves or glass shelves.I prefer the glass ones as you can see immediately if they are dirty and they are much easier to clean and they look better and allows you to see everything in your fridge at one glance as opposed to shelves which you cannot see through and where you physically have to move up and down to find stuff.

Another point to consider is the height of the handle. Too low means your toddler is going to be inside the fridge at the first opportunity.Also check whether the handles are easier to install child safety gadgets on to prevent small kids from accessing.Also if you have small children try and get a refrigerator fitted with an alarm that sounds when the door has been open too long. Apart from this helping in energy consumption where your fridge needs more energy to maintain its temperature it will also alert you to the fact that little hands are in the fridge and most probably getting up to mischief.

Depending on how much time you have on your hands for defrosting try and get a self defrost fridge. This however does not guarantee that you will not have to manually defrost but you will need to defrost less often than a fridge which does not self defrost.

It is also very important to ensure that the outside of the fridge itself does not have many grooves which are difficult to clean and which will collect dirt over time and then just look plain ugly. I know you can probably use a toothbrush to clean out the grooves but the problem is the scratches you can make while doing this.So the best is to really try and avoid buying a fridge which will require a lot of groove cleaning. No matter how great and arty it looks when you buy it it is likely not to remain that way for very long and just end up being a headache.

Other things to consider are where the egg holder is situated. Make sure it is in an enclosed space where it cannot be bumped easily.You have to break a few eggs on the floor to realise the smell that stays there for ever and a day, never mind the wastage. Also make sure that the instructions on temperature control are easy to use and manipulate. If you live in an area or country with a big temperature range between the seasons then you would need to regulate your fridge temperature accordingly. Also make sure this temperature regulator is fairly out of the way, easy for you to access but more difficult for children to fiddle with.

Enquire about the ease with which you can access spare parts for your fridge. I had a beautiful fridge that spent years in complete darkness because we could never find a globe to put in it for the light. If possible I would suggest asking for some spare globes just in case they decide to discontinue production.Also enquire about technical support and the guarantee period.

Concerning the guarantee period please make sure that technicians would come to your home to fix up whatever is wrong.You do not want to be without a fridge while they take yours away and then take forever to fix it up.The best thing is to find out if your fridge would be replaced should something go wrong with your one.And also how long it would take to replace.I have a car radio which is under guarantee which broke and I was told it would have to be shipped overseas and I could only expect it back after two months.To avoid this get everything in writing so you are completely covered if anything goes wrong.

And last but not least make sure that the legs are adjustable and preferably wheels.This makes it easy to move around should you wish to clean behind the fridge which you do have to as the temperature and darkness behind a fridge attracts many insects and others.Having adjustable legs ensure that should you move you would be able to adjust according to the new floor surface.Again the adjustable legs are things which you should try and get a few spares to keep just in case.

Access the web and check out all the different choices available to you. If you are considering online and cannot physically check out the item for all the points which you might consider important then you should check out home tips and reviews by other users on the web.

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Under Counter Ice Machines and Their Uses

The hottest appliances have broken out of the box and are redefining the way Americans outfit their kitchens and homes. Imagine a never-ending supply of restaurant-quality ice. The under counter ice machine unobtrusively adds accessibility and convenience to your kitchen. The way an under counter ice maker will work is that it creates its gourmet-like ice cubes by water being continually circulated by a pump that gently sprays water into inverted ice cube molds. Only the water is frozen, with the minerals and impurities flushed down the drain. With innovative technology, under counter ice machines create odorless, tasteless, crystal-clear cubes.

When purchasing an under counter ice machine, look for these specifications to guarantee you are getting the most for your dollar.

Energy and Water Efficiency
Use of a significantly less amount of water and energy than other cube ice machines.

Simple Maintenance
Look for a product with clear access to all internal components with easy-to-remove door and top panels that will take the hassle out of cleaning.

Sleek, Compact Design
Space-saving, durable designs are out there so don't settle for bulky and unattractive units. Their sleek designs are a must have for the host-with-the-most.

Overall Efficiency
Depending on your needs you will want an ice maker that produces the sufficient amount of ice within a certain period of time. Dual drainage systems are also recommended to allow you to use the unit with a drain or without. Automatic ice production and automatic shut-off can also take away the concern of having enough ice or too much ice. Under counter ice machines featuring automatic overfill prevention will also guarantee the overall performance of the unit.

These units can are made with restaurant quality making commercial use a possibility. An increased daily production of ice would be needed for the unit you are in the market for as well as convenient easy access bin doors that slide up and under the ice machine top cover.

Under counter ice machines are perfect for commercial purposes. They are ideal for mixed drinks, carbonate beverages, ice dispensing, ice displays, ice retailing, banquets service and more. They produce ice much faster than normal refrigerators and are best for those in the food and beverage serving industry. If an under counter ice machine is used for commercial and beverage serving purposes make sure the unit you choose is endorsed by UL and NSF standards. These standards offer electrical safety testing and certification for food-service equipment to ensure a healthy environment to consumers.

With under counter ice machines, prepare to enjoy the true taste of every beverage with ice that adds nothing to your drink of choice but a cold, crisp, taste. Under counter ice machines offer convenience for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. With this appliance you can expect a plentiful supply of ice at all times, even when entertaining large groups of friends and during extended family gatherings. Not to mention it is a perfect addition to any business in need of great tasting, cold, gourmet-like ice.

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Waring Deep Fryer - For Professional and Serious Cooks

Every person today wants to have excellent deep fried foods that taste like the foods that taste just like that made in their favorite restaurant. But don't think you can get that great taste when your food is cooked by professional cooks. There are many electronic deep fryers today that can let you cook like a professional; a Waring deep fryer being one of the best.

The Waring Pro DF250 deep fryer has a powerful 1800 wattage heating element that means oil is brought up to selected temperature very fast; quick recovery time ensure that it's kept hot so the results are like the fried foods found in your favorite diner; moist inside and crispy outside. Its overall design fits perfectly in either a old-fashioned or modern kitchen.

Timers, dishwasher safe covers, bowls and baskets, indicators lights, removable and easy to clean control panels are some of its amazing features. Added features are cool to touch board, a gallon of oil capacity, and 1.3 pounds of nickel plated mesh basket with a cool collapsible handle, a 30 minute timer and a one year warranty.

The DF250 deep fryer has an attractive and durable construction. Its wire basket is outstanding. Cleaning is very easy; you can place the basket and the lid in the dishwasher. Oil heats up easily and the food cooks very fast which means that its temperature controls is very accurate. The number one benefit is that it has submerged heating elements. Temperature under the elements is cooler therefore all the burned bits fall down; you can cook fries without getting those black bits stuck on them. There's a maximum temperature of 374 deg C but it has a safety feature that automatically turns off the appliance when max temperature is reached.

It's hard to find fault with Waring pro deep fryers; they're durable, safe and cook perfectly. If there is one thing that can be said against them, it's that they aren't the cheapest. Other brands like T-Fal make very good appliances that are cheaper; however, you need to bear in mind that a Waring will last many, many years.

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Basics of Bread Makers

All Bread machines can offer you good bread, but they are not similar in function and design. You have to be familiar with the bread maker you will be making use of. Before you begin baking, it is vital that you know about the buttons to start the bread maker and select the cycles. Then, learning about the cycle names and appropriate baking times to know how your machine works. First, try understanding the work of control unit that has the baking times. It is always considered a good practise to choose the cycle and then stopping it with the empty pan in the machine. It is always fun when fresh bread welcomes you when you come back from your school. Some bread machines enable you pre-set it to bake up to 16 hours. Practise setting the "delay bake" cycle setting to allow the bread to come out hours later.

You can either bake the bread recipes or bake as a loaf in the machine and they can also be hand shaped if you are interested in dough projects. A special dough cycle in the machine helps you remove the dough at the end of this cycle. In the event of your machine not having a dough cycle, you can check the machine's manuals and jot down the time required to finish the first kneading time. Using the regular cycle, start your machine and when the amount of time is due, push stop button and then remove the dough. Go for a basic recipe like French bread or White bread. But read the complete recipe before you start.

You can then place the ingredients you require on the counter in the same order as given in the recipe. Put it away as you complete each ingredient. In this way, you can find out anything you have left in the process and start cleaning up. Then, by measuring carefully, add the liquid ingredient first and then ad the yeast to it. Keep these away from moisture and remember to place dried fruits away from liquids.

Your bread maker has to be checked for 5-10 minutes after you start the mixing to ensure you have pulled down all your ingredients into the dough and it is being mixed properly. In case of any break down, stop the machine and remove the pan to the counter. Then, by making use of the rubber spatula, push down the ingredients. Put back the pan and re-start the machine. Remember not to open your machine once you start the baking and that a bread maker is an oven. Open the door to let cool air so that the baking is even.

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Types of Microwave Ovens - Convection Vs Conventional Microwave Ovens

Are you looking to replace your old (rather primitive) microwave oven with a new one? Perhaps, you may also invest some bucks to buy a new microwave oven for the first time. The first thing that you have to decide is whether to go for a convection or conventional microwave oven. Therefore, first decide the range of model and you will be clear about the deciding factors before going for a microwave oven. In this brief article, let us discuss some of the differences between convection and conventional microwave ovens.

A magnetron tube powers a basic microwave oven and that emits microwaves which pass through glass containers & plastic containers and are taken up the food. A microwave convection oven makes use of a newer form of technology that integrates basic microwave technology with heat energy that allows you to brown, roast and grill your favourite food. These types of oven also have a heating element besides a fan that helps in the circulation of heated air.

Microwave ovens can also be entrusted upon the task of cooking depending upon the type of food you want to cook. A microwave convection oven is also known as speed-cook model that can also be used to prepare crustier pizzas and juicier pot roasts. Some models also has units that come with a pan used to cook bacon and crisp bread.

Microwave convection ovens are known for their versatility because of their ability to allow consumers to make use of the microwave and heat functions in tandem, but both as separate function. Multiple cooking modes or options in a single wave oven are quickly catching up as a definite trend in microwave oven technology and it is continuously improving to make cooking experience better.

It is a still a matter of personal preference that dictates one whether to go for a conventional microwave or a microwave convection oven though one can expect microwave oven with convection features to be lot more expensive.

Another popular form of heating method integrates microwave with light energy of higher intensity from a quartz halogen bulb as its source to roast food. This method can add colour and taste to meat at the same time accelerating the time taken for cooking.

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