Monday, February 1, 2010

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

When looking to buy a refrigerator there are many styles for you to choose from. You can get the traditional top freezer refrigerator, a side-by-side or even a bottom freezer refrigerator. Since the bottom freezer models are the most energy efficient, you decide to go with that model.

Bottom freezer refrigerators are made by quite a few different manufacturers. You can get them with or without icemakers and water dispensers and in a variety of colors and styles. Consumer ratings on them vary, but all are rated more energy efficient and seem to be very popular.

Kenmore's 76252 comes highly recommended. With a size of 21.9 cubic feet, this model includes a factory installed ice maker, spill proof glass shelves, 2 freezer baskets that can be removed, electronic controls, 2 matching humidity controlled crispers, and 4 door mounted and movable transparent bins. This model is qualified by Energy Star to the most up to date standards and as such is extremely cost efficient to operate. The Kenmore 76252 will cost you around $1300 and is offered in white, stainless steel and bisque.

If you are looking to spend less on the total up-front cost of a bottom freezer refrigerator, you should consider looking into the Amana ABB1921DEW. At a retail price of around $800, it might be more affordable at the outset. Receiving high ratings in professional testing, user reviews are mixed. Consumers tend to be iffy on reliability and build issues. This model is 19 cubic feet and features a swing out freezer door with a slide out freezer door made out of wire. This particular model does however have a feature that is hard to find in a bottom freezer model. It comes equipped with a freezer light. The Amana brand is quite consistent with a freezer light though. With an outstanding sound insulation, the Amana is one of the quietest running refrigerators on the market today. While not equipped with a water dispenser or a factory installed ice maker, there is an option for an ice maker. The Amana is only available in white.

When 19 cubic feet is not enough to meet your needs but you like the Amana name, try the Amana ABB2221FEW. At a suggested retail price of $900, you get 22.1 cubic feet for only $100 more. It also comes with an installed ice maker and adjustable split glass shelves along with all of the features that the Amana above has. While this model comes standard in white, a black version is also available.

There is also an Amana ABB2222FEW with 22 cubic feet. This model is pretty basic, but is better rated by Energy Star. It comes in white, black and bisque, but if you want an ice maker, there will be an extra charge.

Overall, the Amana models were rated well by professional reviewers. Consumers rated them in a more detrimental way however. Most of the consumer complaints were regarding reliability. All refrigerators will not please everyone however and ultimately it just comes down to what you prefer.

Autor: Kevin Shirey

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Summary of Frigidaire's Electric Ranges

The Frigidaire electric range stoves are models in a variety of aesthetic styles to suit any kitchen, with various utility traits and cooking advantages held in common. Colors offered consist of classic white, a more industrial steel, and an elegant black. The majority proudly display their coil-based heating methodology as well as self-cleaning abilities. Available prices range from a low four hundred dollars to well over a thousand for the higher-end units, with the middle ground being in the five and six hundred dollar range.

All Frigidaire freestanding electric range stoves are, as the title implies, built as individual units and can be moved in place in a kitchen or other area of the building. Common to all these units are, of course, viewing windows, as well as lower compartments for storage. The aesthetic differences of the exteriors have little influence on price, allowing customers to pick up whatever looks best to them.

While the cheaper models make no boasts of particular advantages besides simply being good at cooking quickly and evenly, the more expensive Frigidaire electric range stoves have more to offer. The high-end models offered by Frigidaire have some very specialized functions, such as button-push settings for items as specific as chicken nuggets or pizza. Complementing this is the offering of complex but versatile rack sets, that allow the user to cook more food with less space. However, the racks may be somewhat hard to get up with for those who get easily annoyed by adjusting such things.

Also very highly noted are several means of warming foods, to keep them at a pleasant temperature while waiting for the time to serve. This is offered in no less than three ways on most higher-end models: as a drawer, a general setting, or a physical region. Also popular is a method of easing convection-based cooking. Finally, the timer is flexible enough that it can be adjusted while active without having to be entirely reset, which can save a great deal of trouble when experimenting with new dishes.

Unfortunately, many of Frigidaire's models are no longer produced. However, the newer models have incorporated all the best attributes from the old, so that today's shoppers can enjoy all the best past features. The only real impact, therefore, is in creating an understandable nostalgia for old, outdated designs.

Autor: Barry Andrews

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple Tips While Choosing a Food Processor

Food processor is an electric powered appliance that is able to process variety of foods such as chopping, slicing, blending and shredding, it is also considered as basic kitchen equipment that every home should has. Food processor is such a good invention that makes cooking easier and faster, especially when you have to prepare a wide variety of foods.

The first food processor was introduced in the early 60s that the invention is only equipped with a bowl and a manual rotating cutting blade at the base. The design of the equipment is then being revised to run with a DC motor in the late 60s to make the operation even easier. While this type of design still having limitation due to the use of only a single cutting blade.

After a several revisions from the old generation of processor, the invention now has multiple combinations of interchangeable cutting blades that are able to run with an electric motor. Depends on the requirement, normally the processor is able to perform different tasks such as chopping, grating, mixing, slicing, blending and shredding.

There are several brands and models available in the market; however, you should choose the one that perfectly suit your cooking needs. The models available from the market are normally varied in term of the attachments offered; some of them may vary in term of power and speed as well.

Most of the food processors in the market are bundled with 3 bowl sizes to serve your multiple needs during food preparation. You can also look for the processor that allows you to control the rotating speed so that you can get the best ingredient for your food. While dealing with electrical powered appliances, safety must be your priority concern while choosing them, you should look for the one that provides you with safety mechanism that could prevent from injury while the equipment is malfunction. Before purchasing, you should look for the one that best suit your needs and make sure the food processor has the most suitable features according to your preference.

Autor: Simon Lee

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Krups Food Processors Review

Today's modern woman, as well as man, has almost no time to waste in food preparation, what with always being on the go. Everybody wants everything ready as soon as possible, that is why a lot of people would rather have instant gratification by dining out rather than spending what could be hours chopping, slicing, dicing and mixing ingredients before even starting the cooking process. But gone are the days when food preparation needs to take such a long time. The invention of the food processor revolutionized the art and science of food and took it to the next level.

Krups is one of the notable brand names owned by Groupe SEB of France, which is a large French consortium that produces kitchen appliances. For years, Krups has been the world's leading maker of coffee and espresso machines. They eventually ventured into other kitchen appliance such as meat slicers, Beertenders, blenders and food processors.

The different varieties of Krups food processors has set the bar for revolutionary and avant-garde designs and features that suite any and all types of personalities and tastes. They come with the exclusive Krups Motor Technik which is a unique electronic power delivery means more power and less noise, making food preparation a pleasure.

One of the acclaimed Krups food processors is the Krups 705-70 OptiPro Food Processor. Weighing approximately seven pounds, this ergonomically design machine features eight standard attachments, not to mention a dough blade and a whipping disc. It's watertight "Smart Bowl" holds up to eight cups and as an additional perk can also serve as storage space. It also comes with an easy grip handle for manageability and trouble-free usage. The bowl and attachments are also easy to clean dishwasher-safe, making clean up a breeze!

The Krups KA850 Food Processor is a machine that ensures precision and perfect control every time. Available in an elegant silver color, the KA850's Silence Power Technology gives the chef an extraordinarily silent motor operation with minimal vibration, which undeniably enhances the cooking experience. Another feature that sets it apart from all other similar products is the exclusive Krups Motor Technik, which dispenses a steady and efficient motor speed however much the load in mixing bowl is. Other notable features of the KA850 include its three pre-programmed kneading functions, the programmable Autostop option and built-in weighing scales which accurately measure the weight of the ingredient, eliminating the need for separate scales.

Autor: Mary Lander

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Try a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

The weather outside may be frightful, but what can be more delightful than an ice cream maker full of a flavorful frozen dessert. Besides, in half the world it is coming up summer, and summer is a perfect time for ice cream.

With today's automatic equipments, you no longer have to pack ice and salt into the machine and pay the neighbor kid to sit on the porch and turn the hand crank. Now, all you have to do is add the ingredients, flip a switch, and enjoy your frozen concoction in less than 30 minutes.

Besides such item, these makers will also produce yogurt and sorbet as well.

Some of the better of such products are produced by Cuisinart. This company is well-known for their cookware, kitchen tools and appliances, but the general public is just now discovering the pleasure of using a Cuisinart ice cream maker.
They have a variety of models in different sizes and prices to fit any budget.

The most affordable is the Cuisinart Yogurt & Ice Cream maker that features a 1.5 liter double-insulated bowl and an ingredient spout that is large enough to handle all the fun items you like to mix in your cream such as various candies and cookies. Its housing is all brushed stainless steel to fit with any kitchen d�cor, and it is fully automatic.

If you want to make extra item for later enjoyment, then you may want to invest in an extra freer bowl. It holds up to two liters of ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet.

If your tastes run to soft serve such cream, Cuisinart has the maker for you. Their Soft Serve machine produces 1.5 liters of cream at one time and you can swirl your cones with the classic control level.

The Cuisinart Soft Serve machine uses a freezer-hardened bowl to churn up to 1.5 Litres of cream, yoghurt, sherbert or sorbet at a time, and the classic lever control lets you swirl your cones with style. Completing this special maker are three topping bins, stainless steel drip tray and a special holder for the cones.

So, now that you are out of excuses, what is keeping you from cranking up that ice cream maker?

Autor: Terryal Petter

For More Information: ice cream maker

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amana Refrigerators Review

Amana has reached milestones in design and ingenuity in the home appliance manufacturing industry since the year it was founded in 1934 by George Foerstner as Amana Refrigeration in Amana, Iowa. In 1947, it was bought by Goodman who in turn sold it off to Maytag Corporation which was then bought by Whirlpool.

Amana now still showcases the best home appliances to note. It has remained a steadfast trademark of design, usage, and efficiency. Space for instance is quite a consideration for Amana as seen by its storage bins. A full width pantry drawer can hold quite a variety of food items and a lot of lunchmeat. As they say Amana is the perfect fit for any gourmet chef. It also has gliding drawers and bins that make it easy for any user to keep foods frozen in an organized way.

Amana's side by side models are also good for storage and will easily fit into any narrow space. It has extra deep doors that hold cans and boxes, not to mention that it has a beverage chiller compartment that can hold up to 4 gallons of milk or water, or any beverage of your choice. Most Amana refrigerator models also have upfront temperature controls which make it easy to maneuver if necessary.

However, it is by its sleek design and style that Amana has come to be popularized. Its contoured doors would suit any modern kitchen interior. Suffice it to say that Amana has the ability to combine design and performance without sacrificing its functionality.

Autor: Anna S Sue

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Counter Top Water Filter - Why Do You Need One?

A counter top water filter - though this may not be a common topic of discussion - but I happened to witness an interesting piece of conversation on it. A few of my friends were having a usual tete-a-tete which started with health issues and eventually ended up on a water filter.

After being a silent listener of whole of the conversation, I realized that many people even today are still not aware about the benefits a counter top water filter has to offer.

There is one set of people who are the ignorant of all. Leave alone a counter top water filter; they don't even understand the need of consuming pure water. Neither do they know that tap water, which they consider pure - how badly contaminated it is.

For their benefit, let me mention that studies have shown that tap water has over 80,000 different pollutants at one time or another. It has Chlorine, lead, arsenic, pesticides, fertilizers, virus, cysts, parasites, prescription drugs etc in it.

Consuming such water can be a major threat to your health. This is why it becomes important not to consume such ill water.

There are a few people who understand this and so resort to using bottled water. These bottles, if you believe the studies, are nothing better than tap water.

There are no strict regulations enforced on bottled water companies. This has given them full liberty to bottle up tap water, slap a nice wrapping around it and sell it at a high price. This water is neither clean nor safe. Not to mention how environment un-friendly these plastic bottles are.

Unfortunately, there are not many people who accept this and take the right action by getting a water filter for their home. After all there is nothing better than purifying your drinking water yourself.

All you need to do is - have an efficient counter top water filter installed in your kitchen. The latest ones are based on a combination of advanced filtration techniques like carbon filtration, sub micron filtration and ion exchange.

These combined techniques provide these systems the strength to remove practically all sorts of impurities from water. If you search on the Internet, you will find some filters which can achieve this with 99% efficiency.

If you are worried about the space that a counter top water filter will take - forget your worries - it is not a baby elephant! It doesn't take that much space and its stylish look even adds to your kitchen decor.

However, if space is a problem, you can go for an under sink water filter too. You can find more information about a counter top water filter and an under sink model shared freely on my website listed below. Do visit.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Danby Refrigerators Review

Danby started in 1947 in Montreal, Canada, as a manufacturer of small home appliances and compact refrigerators. Danby them was relocated to Guelph as a result of its expanding business. In 2007, it celebrated its 60th anniversary as the leading supplier of home appliances to its great North American market.

Danby's Four Brands

Danby has been four brands under its name. They are Danby, Diplomat, Silhouette, and Simplicity. These brands are a result of a consistent review of what customers want, continuous innovation, and competitive pricing.

High Caliber Features

Danby has the second generation Canstor beverage dispensing system, which dispenses canned beverages directly from the fridge. Danby offers some frost-free refrigeration units. It comes in a sleek and stylish design with a contoured profile and crescent handles which will look great standing in any kitchen. It also includes a raw meat keeper, which allows you to separate raw meat from the rest of the foods, the same thing for dairy which has its own compartment, making sure that your dairy products are as fresh as they can be. Storage is truly an important consideration for Danby and you can see it on its tall bottle storage and crisper shelves that help maintain veggies and fruits.

Great Look for a Worthwhile Function

When design is your main consideration, you will truly find Danby models as the right fit with its smooth back design that can be placed flushed against the wall. It also has the reversible door swing that is convenient for right and left hand opening.

More Unique Features

Defrosting is not a problem with Danby models, with its hassle-free one push button defrost system. It also has integrated door shelving and egg storage, making sure everything is organized, freeing you from the hassles of searching for stored items when you are pressed for time.

Autor: Anna S Sue

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters - How Efficient Are They?

Reverse Osmosis water filters are probably the oldest. They have been here since many years now. But recent studies have raised some serious questions on the quality of the water they produce. Let us find out more about the same.

If you check the history of reverse osmosis water filters, you will find them being used in photography industry only. Later with changing time, they were made available in the form of home water purifiers as well.

So far everything sounds okay. But then why is it that medical experts are saying a strict 'NO' to consuming water produced by reverse osmosis water filters?

To understand the complete truth, you need to first understand how these filters work.

They have a thin semi permeable membrane which has ultra fine pores in it. The way this filtration technique works is simple - it acts like a fine sieve. Whatever is smaller than the size of the pores is allowed to pass while the larger molecules are blocked behind.

So when water is forced under pressure to pass through this membrane, it being smaller in size, easily passes through it. Whereas, the larger contaminants present in water get blocked by this membrane and hence get separated from water.

Now, let us evaluate the effectiveness of this filtration technique by asking two simple questions -

1. What about the contaminants which have a smaller molecular size?
Chlorine and prescription drugs are examples of such contaminants. They have a smaller molecular size - small enough to pass through the membrane - and hence they too pass along with water. As a result, the "purified" water is still contaminated.

2. What about the minerals which are larger in size?
Natural water is rich in mineral traces. These minerals are essential for the day to day activities of our body and consuming water rich in them is the best source of ensuring their regular supply to the body.

Now since these minerals are larger than the size of the pores, they get blocked by the membrane. These minerals are thus stripped off from water and what you get is actually mineral deprived water.

This de-mineralized water is not only flat in taste but it leads to mineral deficiencies too.

These are the reasons why medical experts today are not recommending reverse osmosis water filters. Let them be used only for industrial purpose only.

Now that you know how effective reverse osmosis water filters are, I am sure you would be interested in knowing about an efficient alternative as well. The information about the same is shared on my website. Do visit to know more.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sink Water Filters - Quick Checklist to Choose the Best One

Are you confused with the wide range of sink water filters available in market today? Worry not - help is at hand. Here is a quick checklist which can help you evaluate the available sink water filters and choose the best one for your home.

First things first.

Why sink water filters?

To find out the answer, use a home water quality testing kit and use it to check the condition of the water being supplied to your home. You will be surprised to see chlorine, lead, cysts, pesticides, drugs etc in your tap water.

Prolonged consumption of such water can lead to various health ailments including cholera, typhoid and even cancer. This is the reason why each one of us has to use a good water purifier at our home so as to remove all these harmful contaminants before actually consuming the water.

Quick Checklist:

1. Check the list of contaminants that purifier can remove. Choose one which works for most of the contaminants and especially the ones which are common in the area where you are located.

2. Check the percentages of pollutants which a purifier can remove. There are many purifiers which are powerful enough to remove them up to an unbelievable 99%. Anything below this is inefficient and need not be considered.

3. Check the filtration technique used in the purifier. While most of the systems are based on one purification technique only, there are some which use a combination of more than one filtration techniques. Such purifiers are better as multiple stages of filtration directly imply better results and hence cleaner and safer water.

4. Check that the purifier does not removes the mineral content present in natural water. If you take water from any place on the Earth, you will find traces of minerals in it. These minerals are essential for our body and should not be taken out from the drinking water. Some purifiers remove them and make the water de-mineralized. Steer clear from all such systems.

5. Check that the purifier does not adds anything in the water. This addition here means flavoring of any kind. There was a recent case where one company was adding a chemical for giving a flavor to the purified water. The flavor was nice but later it was proved to cause numerous side effects! There is nothing like the taste of fresh, clean and pure water. Do not choose any purifier which adds any such adulterants.

Now that you are armed with this information, I am sure it will be easier for you to evaluate the various sink water filters and pick the one which is best for you.

If you need my further assistance, let me introduce you to my favorite - efficient, effective and economical sink water filters. Visit my website to find information on them.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding the Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Bottom freezer refrigerators are becoming more and more popular these days. These types of freezers allow for more storage then a regular freezer would allow. It has the benefit of a regular chest freezer when you can pull out the drawer type freezer maximizing the space allowing for more food products to be stored.

Some of the best bottom freezer refrigerators are made by LG, KitchenAid, GE, and WhirlPool. The price range on these freezer-refrigerators varies greatly depending on the style itself. You will find the range anywhere from one thousand dollars up to and beyond three thousand dollars.

You can get an average everyday single door refrigerator with the bottom freezer, or you can go for a fancier French door style refrigerator with a double drawer freezer on the bottom. Some models come with an ice maker built in as well as a crisper drawer for vegetables as well. The best part about all these refrigerators is that no matter who the maker may be they all come with energy saving technology.

One such bottom freezer refrigerator on the market is the Maytag MFI2266AE featuring French side by side doors with a built in ice and water machine on the refrigerator door, thus allowing for more room in the refrigerator. This model also features a smart seal allowing for opening of the doors without the seals rubbing together and wearing down over time. Contained within the refrigerator are two door bins, the only drawback of this model with the indoor ice system is less storage room on the doors. Also included is a beverage chiller compartment that allows keeping drinks just a bit cooler than the rest of the refrigerator.

The interior of this model has two slide out shelves as well as a spill saver in each one. As well as the shelves there are two humidity controlling drawers. Thus, allowing for longer lasting fresh crisp vegetables and fruits. There is a variety of color choices for this model, some being black, white, stainless steel, or bisque. You will find a price range of around nineteen thousand to twenty six thousand dollars on this model.

If this model is what you are looking for you may have to do some looking before you will find it. You may be able to go to your local appliance store. The best bet would be to look online and see what you can find. It would save you lot of time and trouble in the end. You may also be able to have it delivered to your home within 24 to 48 hours of ordering.

Be sure you know what you are looking for and do some research so that you can find something that you will be able to use for a long time, something that is energy efficient as well as cost friendly so that you are not going over board and going beyond your budget. No matter how you look at it you will be saving money on a new refrigerator to replace the worn out one you now have because you will have less food going bad and getting thrown out.

Autor: Kevin Shirey

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Monday, January 18, 2010

What Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is Right For You?

When it comes to refrigerators you want only the best. Some of the best in the market today are the bottom freezer refrigerators. These are great energy and space saving models. They allow for more freezer space and of course cut down greatly on your electric bill as well.

What model is right for you? It all depends greatly on your taste. Do you want a single door or French door? How about the freezer, would you rather have a double door freezer or a single sliding drawer? And what about ice makers do you really think you need one? These are all questions that you should keep in mind when you are shopping for a new refrigerator.

The best place to start looking and comparing prices and models would be of course on the internet. Here you have the opportunity to see what the model look like, read what they can do and also reviews about what others think about the model. You can compare prices with other web sites and suppliers of the model that you are looking for so that you can get the best price available to you.

When shopping for a refrigerator energy is one of the biggest factors to think about. You do not want to get something that is going to cost you a fortune in your energy bill. You want to find an energy saving symbol on products such as Energy Star. Price is another important factor to think about, if you have a small budget then you need to find something that will fit in with that budget. You do not want to break the bank simply to have a top of the line refrigerator.

There are many different makers of kitchen appliances and some are better than others. Some of the top of the line makers are GE, LG, WhirlPool, and Amana. You can find varying price ranges from one thousand dollars up to and beyond three thousand dollars. If you can find the best refrigerator for you then you need to brows different retailers and find the cheapest one you can get, one that will offer free delivery and set up or at least have a great discount on the delivery if a free one is not an option.

The General Electric Profile PGCS1NFXSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is one of the best top of the line refrigerators in the market. Pricing ranges from two thousand one hundred dollars up to three thousand dollars for this model. It comes with French doors and a double drawer freezer. The only major drawback to this model however is that it runs a little more costly on energy then most refrigerators, but the double freezer drawers are great because on the top drawer you can store things that you use on a more daily basis where as the things you plan to store for a longer period of time can be kept at the bottom where they are out of the way and you will not have to fumble around to find what you are looking for.

Autor: Kevin Shirey

Kevin has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website over at which helps people find the best bottom freezer refrigerator and informationthey are looking for when buying a refrigerator.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine

There are various different things to take into consideration when you are buying a new washing machine. For example, is there a particular brand you like, how much space do you have to store it and what kind of features do you expect it to have.

One of the first things to think about is the size of the washing machine you want. Some people don't have much of a choice in this because they are limited for space and therefore have to have a small one. However, if you don't have to take space into consideration, then it's wise to think about how much washing you will be doing.

If it's just yourself and maybe one other person, then chances are that you don't need anything very big. However, if you have children then it's likely that you are going to have a lot of washing that needs to be cleaned. Rather than do lots of loads, it makes more sense to buy a washing machine you can fit more clothes into. This means that you're not only saving on time, but on energy and your bills as well.

Price is obviously a big factor for everyone, especially at this time of year. Many people assume that an appliance such as a washing machine is going to be very expensive. However, there are now so many different companies around that you are bound to find a good deal.

Many of them offer various discounts, which means that it won't be as expensive as you're anticipating. As well as this, there are now lots of different voucher sites on the Internet which will give you even further discounts on what you buy.

With so many different brands around nowadays, it can make it difficult to decide which one to choose. For example, you can get a Zanussi washing machine, AEG - Electrolux, Hotpoint, Bosch and many more. It can be difficult to know which one to go for so it's advisable to do your research beforehand and look into reviews so you'll know what to expect.

One of the joys of modern technology is that you can now find a washing machine that does pretty much anything. You can set them to start washing your clothes at any time you want, do a hand wash cycle, have various different spin speeds and much, much more as well.

Looking online is a good idea if you are quite short for cash. Not only does it save you the hassle of visiting several shops, but it also means that you can read up any information about it, find products reviews and request delivery and installation as well.

If you are really struggling to make up your mind about which brand or product to use, then looking for a washing machine information site might be able to help you. Here you should be able to find pretty much anything you need to know when looking into buying a new washing machine.

Autor: Manoj Shah

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How Using a Dishwasher Can Help Save Your Bills and the Environment

Contrary to popular belief, a dishwasher isn't as bad for the environment as many people would have us believe. In fact, quite the opposite is true as studies have recently revealed that it can actually be more environmentally friendly than hand-washing your dishes.

It is thought that a dishwasher uses half the energy and only one - sixth of the water than hand - washing does. This is great news for everyone because not only does it mean that you don't have to wash your dishes, but you can also save money on your bills every month.

Another way that using a dishwasher can help you to save costs is the fact that it uses less soap. You can't really go wrong with a tablet or how much powder you put in a dishwasher so a little goes a long way. However, when you're washing your dishes by hand, it's easy to get carried away with how much soap you use which means you tend to go through it quite fast.

When using your dishwasher, there are certain things you must ensure you do in order for it to be more environmentally friendly. Firstly, only run your dishwasher when it's full. There's no point turning it on if you only have a few dishes in there because if you do this all the time, then it won't be good for either the environment or your bills.

A lot of people rinse their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. There are times when this is absolutely necessary but on the whole you don't need to do this. If you are constantly rinsing your cutlery and crockery beforehand, you may as well just add a bit of soap and hand - wash them. Pre - rinsing them is going to use a lot of extra water, which means that instead of saving water, you will be using extra.

If you are really conscious about the environment or saving on your water bills, you may want to consider buying a new dishwasher if you have a very old one. Older models use more water per cycle and aren't as effective. However, newer models are a lot more energy efficient due to the growing concern of global warming.

It is easy to spot a dishwasher that is very energy efficient nowadays because the vast majority of electric appliances are given energy ratings. This means that the less energy a product needs in order to work, the higher the rating it will get. An A grade is the best one so if this is something that you are conscious of, look out for appliances with this rating.

Most people will welcome the news that a dishwasher can be better for the environment than hand washing your dishes. There are very few people who enjoy standing over the sink washing all their dinner dishes at the end of a long day. Now you don't have to feel in the slightest bit guilty about sticking them in the dishwasher and forgetting about them.

Autor: Manoj Shah

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Common Mistakes That People Make While Selecting a Home Water Filter System

The market for a home water filter system is on its high. Thanks to the growing customer awareness, people today understand that the water supplied to their homes is not safe to be consumed directly. They have also accepted the need for purifying this water by using an effective purification system.

But the real problem comes when they set out to select a home water filter system. With so many variants and products available, sometimes it becomes confusing to pick the best one out. And this is where they may make a mistake and often end up buying something worthless and useless.

Here is a list of common mistakes that people make while selecting a home water filter system.

1. Going behind the brand name.

It is certainly good to use branded products but going blindly behind a brand name may be disappointing at times.

The truth is that a purifier which is popular may not necessarily be the best. What you need to check is the reason for its popularity. Is it only because the parent company prefers spending money on its advertising or is it really the one which outperforms all others?

2. Assuming that an expensive filter is necessarily the best one.

Many people believe that if the product is expensive, it is sure to be of high quality. But if you think rationally, you will realize that this is not a necessity.

There are many companies who prefer spending money on promotional campaigns; and to make up for this cost, they sell their products on a high price!

In contrast, there are companies who rather spend on improving the quality of their purifier. They keep their products on a reasonable price so that it can reach out to maximum people. Cost is the last factor which can put such purifiers behind the ones which are unreasonably expensive.

3. Relying only on your neighborhood shop.

It is a big world today. You cannot just depend on the filters which are available in your neighborhood shop. If you check on the Internet, you will find hundreds of purifiers - based on latest cutting edge techniques yet available on economical rates. You definitely can't afford to miss them.

In fact when you buy from Internet, you are actually buying it directly from manufacturer. This saves you a lot of money too.

So there you have it. While searching for your home water filter system, I am sure you will not make the common mistakes listed above.

You can choose to start your research by visiting my website. It has a lot of information about the home water filter system that I personally use and recommend. Do visit.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Should I Buy Water Filters? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you too are confused why one should buy water filters, this article is just for you. Not only does it shares information on why these filters are needed but it will also help you choose one for your home. It also presents the answers to other frequently asked questions. Read on.

Why should I buy water filters?

Because they are required to safeguard you from various water-borne health problems.

The water supplied to our homes is not clean and pure - as it used to be once. Today, it has a lot of contaminants like Chlorine, lead, pesticides, fertilizers, virus, cysts, drugs etc in it. With all these hazardous pollutants, if this water is consumed directly, it can lead to multiple health ailments. These ailments range from acne to constipation; cholera to typhoid and even cancer!

Using a purifier ascertains that all these harmful impurities are removed before we actually consume the water.

Is reverse osmosis system good enough to be used?

Though these systems have been in market for quite some time, they are not what medical experts recommend.

This is due to the fact that these systems remove the essential mineral content present in natural water. These minerals like Calcium and Magnesium are required for the basic functioning of our body and consuming water rich in them is a best source of supplying an optimal mineral supply to the body.

The water produced by a RO system is deprived of these minerals and can cause mineral deficiencies in our body. It is hence not recommended.

What is a better alternative then?

You need a system based on advanced filtration techniques, preferably a combination of them. This ensures that all different types of contaminants are removed and that too with a 99% efficiency.

Checking the purification technique on which a filter is based is one of the most important things which you should do before you actually buy water filters. It greatly determines the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the system that you are choosing. A few cutting edge techniques are carbon filtration, sub micron filtration and ion exchange.

Now that you are equipped with this information, I am sure you have understood the need to buy water filters. After all it is the health of your family which is at stake; you have to make a wise choice. So, waste no time, make a decision and start your search today.

If you need my assistance in helping you buy water filters - ones which are effective yet economical, visit my website listed below. You will find answers to all your questions there.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges - Why Are They So Important?

Have you ever wondered, what is the most important component for water purifiers? It is the water filter replacement cartridges. They are the driving force which is responsible for the basic performance of the filter.

If you search on the Internet, you will find a few purifier companies claiming that they do not use any water filter replacement cartridges. They even consider this as their USP! But the truth is that "no-replacement" is nothing better than "throw-away". Such filters become useless after some time.

The logic for using water filter replacement cartridges is simple.

A purifier has to face badly contaminated water daily - water which is polluted with lead, chlorine, pesticides, virus, cysts, drugs etc. An efficient filter removes all these impurities through various filtration techniques with the help of its cartridge.

Now, with time, depending upon the quality and quantity of water being filtered, the cartridge loses its efficiency. And hence the efficiency of the filter also drops by.

This usually happens once in six months.

Now while this may seem to be a serious problem to you, it is really not so. An easy way out to this problem is to replace the cartridge of the purifier. And your purifier is up again - performing as nice as ever.

The cost of the cartridge is something which should be considered while buying the purifier itself. Since it is a recurring cost, it is recommended to choose a system which comes with economically priced cartridges. In contrast, there are some purifiers which are available on a low onetime cost but their recurring cost goes up due to the high price of their cartridges. Steer clear from such systems.

Today market has multi stage purifiers which bring a combination of both - economically priced purifier as well as reasonably priced cartridge. These purifiers produce clean and pure water at something less than 10 cents per gallon!

An important thing related to cartridges is that they are designed based on the filtration technique that a purifier is going to use. What this implies is that it is tightly bound to the design of the purifier. So mix-and-match of cartridge and purifier i.e. using cheap cartridge coming from one manufacturer in high performing purifier coming from second manufacturer or other way round is not recommended.

It simply won't work that way. So, while selecting a purifier, take that extra care to check the cost and maintainability of water filter replacement cartridges as well.

For further information on purifiers which come with easy to replace and maintain water filter replacement cartridges, visit my website listed below.

Autor: Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Sears Appliance Outlet Store Sells Reassurance

Many people choose to purchase second hand appliances rather than fork out more cash for brand new units. While the initial savings may be very attractive, consider the potential consequences. Do you really know who you are buying from and the history of your machine? Before you make a commitment to purchase from a private seller or other second hand source, find out what your Sears appliance outlet store can offer you!

Browse the vast selection of machines found at any Sears appliance outlet store. Whether you are searching for a refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove or dishwasher, Sears carries it all. You can browse through some of the biggest name brands, from Maytag to Kenmore. Customers can even choose from a variety of unique colors on certain models.

When you buy from a Sears appliance outlet store, you know the history of your machine. Brand new units have never had the chance to break or be abused. This is not something that comes with second hand units.

Sears offers a general return policy of up to 90 days (and 30 days on specific items). Consider the reassurance you get with a guaranteed return policy as well as manufacturer warranties. It is doubtful any private seller will offer a similar guarantee.

Find a local Sears appliance outlet store by searching on the official website or looking through your phone book. Locations are many, offering even more convenience. Before you choose to deal with a private seller, make sure there is nothing in your price range that will suit your needs among brand new models. These come without the risk of paying a stranger and offer a wide range of energy efficient technology that older machines do not have. What is even better is, you are backed by warranties and return policies!

Autor: Andre Hansen

Andre Hansen is an author who writes about many interesting things which includes home improvement. You can go to to read more about Sears Appliance Outlet Store.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Caring For Your Appliances For Convenient Living

While appliances make our lives much easier, they also pose significant risks if not maintained properly. Appliance maintenance is an absolute necessity if you plan on getting the longest life possible from you purchases. Proper appliance care is also able, in certain cases, to keep performance up to par and ensure that your units are running as efficiently as possible.

Kitchen appliance maintenance is probably going to make the most difference in your home overall, as the machines here are generally used quite often. Though a broken kitchen appliance should usually be handled by a Los Angeles appliance repair service, keeping them clean and using them properly is something that homeowners should pay attention to if they are to function well over their lifetimes.

If a gas appliance stops working, check to see if the pilot light has gone out. If you have the manufacturer's instructions handy, they may show you how to safely relight the pilot yourself. Wait until you have a full load of dishes before running the dishwasher; this will not only save you money on energy and water bills, but can also extend the life of your appliance, too.

Sometimes, caring for an appliance doesn't involve the unit at all, but instead deals with that appliance's power source. Larger appliances shouldn't be powered by an extension cord if at all avoidable. If it is a necessity, make sure that extension cord connections are secure and that the extension cord is the appropriate size for your needs. If an appliance stops working, test the outlet with a lamp or radio. With gas appliances, it is important to remember that older models often contain a flame that's constantly burning. Never store paints, solvents, and other chemicals anywhere near an appliance with a pilot light.

Autor: Ryan Coisson

Hi-Tech Appliance Repair ( ) LA appliance repair services include repair and installation of all brands and models of major appliances and heating and air conditioning units. Ryan Coisson is a freelance writer.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Picking Up the Best Steam Iron in the Market Today

Shopping for a new iron can be really frustrating. Personally, I hate shopping for anything, but trying to find the best steam iron can be confusing. There are literally hundreds of opinions about irons, and it is hard to know how to find the best reviews on irons. Today we are going to discuss where to look to find an iron that actually works!

There are many stores and websites that sell irons. A quick search on Google will bring up thousands of websites about irons, and it would take all day to read all of these pages. You need to know where to look to find the best iron. The first thing you can do is to look at the reviews at websites like The irons over at Amazon include reviews from real people who have already purchased the specific iron you are reviewing. You can read these reviews to see the experiences from other people. The best indicator of unbiased reviews on these irons is to check out the irons that get the most reviews. Products on websites or even with only a few reviews could be biased reviews from the manufacturer designed to get more people to buy their merchandise.

Many of the iron review sites are going to have biased opinions on their products. When you visit one of these sites, you want to see how many products are reviewed. If you see three irons with one iron getting three stars, and the other irons getting less stars, this should be a red flag for you. If you see a review site that doesn't allow other people to review the products advertised, it is very possible that this is a biased review site. I encourage you to check out the review sites that offer the chance for other people to post comments about the products reviewed.

If you decide to purchase an iron from the department store, you want to buy name brand products. Stay away from the cheapest products and off-name products that are not familiar to you. I have found that the cheapest products are priced cheaply because they are just not as effective as their higher-priced competitors. The best steam generator irons are never the cheapest irons.

If you know where to look, you can find the best steam iron on the market. I recommend going to specialty websites to find the best products on the market. The website owners of these sites are familiar with most of the products, and they can give you guidance and direction to make your decision easy!

Copyright Samir Joshi

Autor: Samir Joshi

Looking for the best steam iron? Visit my website to grab real steam iron reviews written by real people.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Is it Better to Buy a Superautomatic Or Traditional Espresso Machine?

When it comes to purchasing your home espresso machine, it certainly is a big decision! Espresso machines are a monetary investment, but they will reward you with saving so much more money in the long run, especially when you take into consideration that you will no longer be purchasing five dollar cappuccinos from Starbucks on a daily basis.

After you have made the decision to purchase your home espresso machine, the next fork in the road will be whether you would like a superautomatic or traditional machine. This is something important to consider for your home use, especially with all of the advancements that have been made in espresso machine designs over the past few years.

If you are interested in a superautomatic machine for home use, that is often a wonderful choice for ultimate convenience. It will provide consistency in the volume, flavor, and taste of every beverage that is brewed, and it also will happen at the touch of a button. If you are interested in time management and consistent quality, then with a superautomatic machine, all you have to do is push one single button to grind, tamp, brew, and discard the used espresso grounds. These machines also have self-cleaning cycles, so you can count on additional maintenance being out of the way for added ease in the use of your machine. These machines provide you with the capability to program your own customized drink selections with one button, so the machine will be able to remember exactly how you like your cappuccino or latte.

When you compare this to the use of a traditional espresso machine, this is often more suitable for an espresso connoisseur or aspiring barista. If you want to have more control and input into your espresso flavors, then this would be the perfect machine for you. Obviously, it does require you to grind your espresso beans, tamp them, and brew the espresso. You will also steam your own milk manually to create any customized espresso beverages. This will also allow you to alter methods of your espresso brewing to change flavors and consistency to get your drink exactly how you would like it. This is a wonderful type of machine to use to truly experience the authenticity of espresso because you will be there every step along the way.

A superautomatic espresso machine may be a great idea for a larger environment as well, like an office setting. This is something that can be set out in a break room, so that all that the user has to do is push a button to get a cup of coffee or espresso beverage. Obviously, a traditional espresso machine would not be ideal at all for an office setting, but it is perfect for home use by an espresso lover.

The bottom line is to choose the right espresso machine for you based on the features that you are looking for. This is truly an investment that will pay for itself in no time!

Autor: Mark Ramos

Another popular accessory for coffee is commercial coffee makers! For a great selection, check out Mark Ramos' website, The Coffee Bump.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Powerstar Hot Water Heaters

Powerstar hot water heaters are energy star rated for efficiency and work differently than most other heaters. Powerstar heaters are tankless. No big storage tank to hold warm water is necessary. They can be installed almost anywhere since they need much less room than most traditional systems. These tankless systems can produce over two gallons of steamy water a minute on demand. Since no energy is required to keep at large tank at a constant temperature, they are more energy efficient than storage style heaters.

Heating water is an inefficient use of energy. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. By eliminating the need for a storage tank, Powerstar hot water heaters are able to use energy more efficiently heating water only as it is needed. There are several types of tankless systems to meet the need of different size households. There are even point of use heaters which serve only one outlet, such as a sink. These are small tankless heaters that can heat about one gallon of water per minute. If your current system doesn't provide enough steamy water for your needs, a point of use heater may be the answer. Point of use Powerstar hot water heaters also cut down on water wasted in cold water run off.

There are other advantages to Powerstar hot water heaters. You never run out of warm water half way through your shower. There is no storage tank to run out of warm water and no recovery time with tankless heaters. No water heater can supply more than one major use at a time, but you can take a shower right after you wash a load of laundry on hot and have all the warm water you need. Powerstar hot water heaters produce warm water continuously as you need it.

Autor: Jason Keppler

If you are sick and tired of high energy bills try switching to an energy efficient tankless system. Our powerstar hot water systems guide will give you everything you need to know to make the switch. Never take a cold shower again. See how a powerstar tankless can pay for itself.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Microwave Oven Magnetron

The core of the voltage system in the microwave that generates microwave energy from electric current is called the microwave oven magnetron. It is the electron tube that produces the requisite 2450 MHz of microwave energy that cooks food.

The operation of microwave oven magnetron is based on the theory that energy produced by the motion of electrons under the combined effect of magnetic and electric fields can be used to cook food. The electrons should flow from the cathode end to the anode end for the tube to be operational. It produces RF energy, and this energy is radiated into the cooking cavity where it is absorbed by the food.

The tube makes use of half wave voltage double circuit and permanent magnets to oscillate and convert voltage supply into 2450 MHz cooking frequency microwave energy. A microwave usually requires 1100 W electric energy to create microwave energy of 700 W.

Microwave heating is efficient on liquids like water, especially frozen water, rather than on sugars and fats. It is a misconception that a microwave oven cooks food from the inside. On the contrary, microwaves are absorbed by the outer layers of food. Microwave ovens induce deeper initial heat than other methods because the microwaves penetrate non-conductive dry substances at the surface of common foods. The depth of penetration of microwaves depends on food composition and frequency of microwaves - lower microwave frequencies penetrate better.

Though there is no change in the intensity of radiation while cooking, the magnetron, driven by a linear transformer, is turned off and on in cycles of several seconds at a time.

It is important that food should be present in the microwave oven when it is being operated so that the microwaves can be absorbed. If there is no food, the waves will be reflected into the wave field and cause arcing due to their intensity. If arcing continues for long periods, the magnetron itself may be damaged.

Modern microwaves come with a center plate that rotates to ensure that food is evenly heated from all sides. This plate has the capacity to absorb microwaves which makes it possible for smaller quantities to get heated and prevent arcing causing resonant reflections.

Exposure to microwave radiation involves some risks to the human body. The eye lens has no cooling blood flow, which in turn makes it more liable to get damaged due to overheating on exposure to microwave radiation. A microwave with a poor sealing or a warped door could prove dangerous.

Since microwaves require a considerably high voltage power supply, they can be electric hazards.

A magnetron may contain berrylia, which is a confirmed human carcinogen. Broken magnetrons should never be handled directly. It has long been suspected that the microwave oven magnetron is a possible source of cancer.

Autor: Alen Cauller

Microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that serves as a healthy and fast mode of cooking. Small microwave ovens are also available for reheating and minor cooking purposes. And, to know more about them, you may visit the specified link.

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