Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simple Tips While Choosing a Food Processor

Food processor is an electric powered appliance that is able to process variety of foods such as chopping, slicing, blending and shredding, it is also considered as basic kitchen equipment that every home should has. Food processor is such a good invention that makes cooking easier and faster, especially when you have to prepare a wide variety of foods.

The first food processor was introduced in the early 60s that the invention is only equipped with a bowl and a manual rotating cutting blade at the base. The design of the equipment is then being revised to run with a DC motor in the late 60s to make the operation even easier. While this type of design still having limitation due to the use of only a single cutting blade.

After a several revisions from the old generation of processor, the invention now has multiple combinations of interchangeable cutting blades that are able to run with an electric motor. Depends on the requirement, normally the processor is able to perform different tasks such as chopping, grating, mixing, slicing, blending and shredding.

There are several brands and models available in the market; however, you should choose the one that perfectly suit your cooking needs. The models available from the market are normally varied in term of the attachments offered; some of them may vary in term of power and speed as well.

Most of the food processors in the market are bundled with 3 bowl sizes to serve your multiple needs during food preparation. You can also look for the processor that allows you to control the rotating speed so that you can get the best ingredient for your food. While dealing with electrical powered appliances, safety must be your priority concern while choosing them, you should look for the one that provides you with safety mechanism that could prevent from injury while the equipment is malfunction. Before purchasing, you should look for the one that best suit your needs and make sure the food processor has the most suitable features according to your preference.

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Added: January 30, 2010


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